Updated 9 March 2022

Top 5 Best Hand mixers of 2022

A hand mixer is one of the most classic and useful tools in the kitchen. We tested a range of models, and with features including a silent yet powerful motor the KitchenAid 5KHM9212 is our best in test.

Top 5 Best Hand mixers of 2022

The OBH Nordica Hand Mixer 6761 is our best budget choice because it mixes quickly and has stainless steel beaters.

How we did the test

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. All hand mixers have undergone a number of different tests of tasks they can be expected to perform in the kitchen – everything from whipping cream and beating eggs to kneading dough. The test was carried out by an experienced baker and cook with an eye for detail and quality. All of the hand mixers were tested on the basis of these unique characteristics to give as impartial an assessment as possible.

  • Design/grip: Product appearance is important to many of us, and includes how well designed the product is. Does the hand mixer have any unique design solutions? Is it intended to be kept out on the worktop as a design gadget or hidden away in a drawer? Is it easy to work with the machine, how well balanced is it and can you hold it for long periods?

  • Cable: All hand mixers are powered by electricity, and the cable often gets in the way both in the kitchen drawer and when you’re using the machine. Does the hand mixer have a useful solution for this?

  • Strength/Noise level: The hand mixer’s stated power level in watts doesn’t always give a good idea of how well it performs – so how strong and how fast is the hand mixer? How good are the results? Is the noise level reasonable at high speed?

  • Quality: Cheap, simple solutions perhaps aren’t the best in the long run. We examined buttons and other parts to find weaknesses. How well built is the hand mixer? Are there are parts that are obviously weak/flimsy? What materials have been used?

The product is given a score based on the overall experience in relation to its price, to determine its value for money. This means a cheaper product is still able to obtain a better score than a more expensive one.

We have tested a selection of hand mixers. Compare prices for popular hand mixers on Pricerunner.

1. OBH Nordica Hand Mixer 6761 – BEST BUDGET HAND MIXER

Colourful and impressive budget model!

Motor power: 300 W Cable type: 1.2 m, Fixed on right-hand side Weight: 1.33 kg Max. working time: 5 min (Rest 10 min) Max. dough weight: Maximum weight not stated Beaters included: Wire beaters, dough hooks (stainless steel) Colours: “Chilli Red” Size: 21x9x14.5 cm (without beaters) Noise level: High, dB: 74 dB

OBH Nordica Turbo Mixer Chilli 6761

Like many of OBH Nordica’s other products, the OBH Nordica Hand Mixer 6761 comes in a lovely chilli red colour, which makes it stand out amongst all the classic white hand mixers. The cable is fixed to one side of the machine, and can get in the way at times.

The hand mixer feels relatively plasticky, but we haven’t really expected anything else as this is a very cheap product. Although we get a nice surprise that it includes fully stainless steel beaters. Despite its plasticky feel, OBH Nordica’s hand mixer fits nicely into your hand and it’s easy to operate the buttons with your thumb. The speed control has five steps and the same button is used to release the beaters. This means you have to set the speed to 0 before releasing the beaters, which adds a nice safety feature. A turbo button gives you maximum power when required.

In terms of results, we’re impressed by the hand mixer’s speed. In fact, the speed is on a par with that of significantly more expensive hand mixers, and OBH Nordica’s product makes whipped cream in no time at all. But this high speed comes at a price – the noise level. The volume is loud and not particularly pleasant if you’re using it for a longer period. Even though the speed is impressive this machine isn’t very strong, which is particularly obvious when you’re working with bread dough. It’s OK with smaller amounts of dough, but we’d have preferred a lower but stronger speed for kneading.

The low price and good performance of the OBH Nordica Hand Mixer 6761 are impressive, particularly during simpler tasks like whipping cream. The score suffers slightly from the high noise levels and the fact that it struggles with more demanding tasks such as kneading dough, but given its very low price you still get a lot of hand mixer for your money. So this one gets a thumbs up!

Fast whiskingstainless steel beaterssafe beater release
Very loudpoor dough kneading

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2. Dualit Hand Mixer DHM3

High performance design mixer

Motor power: 400 W Cable type: 1.15 m, Spools out/in Weight: approx. 1.3 kg Max. working time: 1 min/2 min/2.5 min (dough/balloon whisk/blade whisk) (Rest 5 min) Max. dough weight: 250 g (nb flour weight only) Beaters included: Blade whisk, balloon whisk, dough hooks Colours: Several choices Size: 20x9.5x15 cm (without beaters) Noise level: High, dB: 71 dB

Dualit Hand Mixer

The Dualit Hand Mixer DHM3 is a product where design is just as important as performance. When the hand mixer isn’t in use, it looks almost as if it has no cable because this can be reeled back into the machine. This is a genuinely clever solution that avoids annoying cable tangles.

The grip is large and suits both large and small hands. You can reach the speed control with your thumb, which allows you to vary the speed in 5 steps. Even though the hand mixer feels relatively heavy, it’s very easy to work with as it’s well balanced in your hand and easily lifts out of the bowl during use.

But Dualit's hand mixer is more than just a pretty face – it also has an impressive motor that whips cream in no time. We quickly realise that we needn’t even run it on high power, as lower settings are effective. But if you’re in a hurry, you can use the highest power setting – only the noise level becomes quite unpleasant and you almost need to wear hearing protectors. Also, according to the manual you mustn’t use the highest speed for more than five seconds at a time, which seems very short.

The other operating times are also very limited, which is surprising as Dualit’s hand mixer has a very powerful fan to cool the motor and housing. But the limited operating times are compensated for by the very high speed of the beaters. It’s very easy to whip 500 ml of cream within the stated operating time. That said, we constantly forgot during the test that the highest speed was only for five-second pulses.

Overall, Dualit delivers a mixer that offers an attractive design, powerful performance and a build quality that will probably last for many years. However, we would expect a quieter machine and significantly longer operating times at this price level, which unfortunately reduces the score of the Dualit Hand Mixer DHM3.

Built-in cable reelpowerful motorwell built
High noise levelvery limited operating times

3. Bosch MFQ4030

A versatile hand mixer with innovative wire beaters

Motor power: 500 W Cable type: Fixed on back Weight: 1.1 kg Max. working time: No time stated in manual Max. dough weight: 500 g Beaters included: Wire beaters, dough hooks (stainless steel/plastic) Extra accessories: Stick blender socket Colours: White/grey Size: 20.5x7.5x16 cm (without beaters) Noise level: Low, dB: 62 dB

Bosch MFQ4030

The Bosch MFQ4030 has an attractive housing in shiny white plastic with grey details. The front and underside have an attractive aluminium-like surface in plastic. The cable is attached at the back and can be angled slightly sideways. It can easily be wound around the handle of the hand mixer and has a small clip to keep it in place. The grip is generous and the lightness of the machine makes it convenient to work with. It’s easy to reach the speed control with your thumb and you select pulse mode and five speeds with a single control.

Bosch include a unique wire beater that they say gives faster results. Small balls attached to this are meant to speed up the process. However, the beaters are quite small and we don’t notice any particular difference when making meringues.

The description of the hand mixer also includes the words “Super silent”, which raised our expectations, but we aren’t particularly impressed on this front either. The hand mixer definitely isn’t loud, but nor is it particularly quiet at the higher speeds you need to use for beating eggs, whipping cream and so on.

This Bosch hand mixer succeeds well at kneading dough even though it becomes a bit of an effort at the maximum stated dough weight of 500 g. The results are good, so the Bosch MFQ4030 comes in with a high score. A reasonably quiet hand mixer that does the job quite quickly for a very good price. As a bonus, you can buy accessories such as a stick blender.

Relatively quietno limit to operating time
Rather slow

4. Electrolux EHM 4400

Strong hand mixer with practical stand for accessories

Motor power: 300 W Cable type: 1.5 m Fixed on back Max. working time: 2 min (20 min rest) Max. dough weight: 1.5 kg solid weight Beaters included: Wire beaters, dough hooks (stainless steel) Extra accessories: Stand for storage Colours: White/Grey Size: 20x10x15 cm (without beaters) Noise level: High, dB: 68 dB

Electrolux EHM4400

The Electrolux EHM 4400 has a simple design in white and grey plastic. At the back is a plate that acts as a combined cable reel and support for when you set the hand mixer down. The cable is fixed and can easily be wound around the support of the hand mixer when it’s not in use. The EHM 4400 has a good grip and is well balanced. You can easily reach the five step speed control with your thumb. There’s also a pulse button for a quick burst of the highest speed.

The EHM 4400 has no problems whipping cream or kneading dough, and the hand mixer’s motor feels strong enough for the majority of tasks. But we’d definitely question whether the machine can cope with the enormous maximum weight of 1.5 kg stated in the manual, as 500 g already feels like quite an effort.

The hand mixer is rather noisy and has a relatively limited operating time of a maximum of 2 minutes, after which it needs to cool down for at least 20 minutes. The materials are impressive on some parts such as the sturdy beaters in stainless steel, but the plastic speed control isn’t of the same quality level.

The Electrolux EHM 4400 is a strong machine that also offers a clever storage stand for the hand mixer and its beaters. This, combined with the very low price, gives some clear benefits, but unfortunately it also suffers from being noisy and having a very limited operating time.

Convenient storage standintelligent cable solution
Short maximum operating time/long rest timenoisy

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5. Kenwood kMix HMX750BK

An attractively designed medium class hand mixer

Motor power: 350 W Cable type: 1.2m, Fixed, can be wound around machine Weight: 1.26 g Max. working time: 3 mins per 5 minute period for heavy doughs/batters Max. dough weight: 450g flour Beaters included: Blade whisk, dough hooks (stainless steel) Extra accessories: Stand for storage of beaters, hand mixer Colours: Black, Red, White Size: 19x8x14.5cm (without beaters) Noise level: 61.5 dB

Kenwood kMix HMX750

The KENWOOD kMix HMX750BK comes attractively packaged with manuals, folded up in an elegant and welcoming box. In fact, the unboxing experience might make you think this is a premium class hand mixer, but it’s actually a medium price machine. Kenwood’s kMix is available in several colours and has a glossy body with contrasting grey details in parts like the handle. It’s made from metal and plastic, with enough metal to make it a relatively heavy hand mixer. The cable is attached at the back and there’s a convenient space to wind it into. The grip is substantial and makes it easy to find a balance in the mixer.

The speed is controlled in five steps together with a pulse mode, which can easily be regulated with your thumb. The beaters are released in the normal way with a manual button, and for extra safety this is impossible if the machine is in use. The noise the mixer generates is both relatively quiet and not unpleasant. However, the low noise level seems to be at the expense of mixer speed.

Beating eggs and whipping cream takes a relatively long time, but at the same time we appreciate the slightly larger blade whisks which make it possible to work with larger volumes. It's when kneading dough that the hand mixer’s low speed really comes into its own, and it easily kneads the maximum volume without straining.

The quality level is high overall, and the result very good. But the Kenwood kMix HMX750BK’s score suffers from the machine’s low speed and the fact that it doesn’t include a balloon whisk, which is normal in this price class.

Noise levelconvenient thumb control
Relatively low speedprice level

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Everything you need to know about hand mixers

One of the biggest historical breakthroughs in kitchen technology was the introduction of the hand mixer a little over 100 years ago. In many ways, hand mixer construction has remained largely unchanged over the years, even if designs and motors have improved. In this year’s test of hand mixers, we've tried out everything from cheaper models to more expensive ones with better motor power, design and convenient extra functions.

Hand mixer power

Just like other household products, there’s a lot of talk of watts/power on mixer packaging, but we know that the stated power is rarely a reliable guide to the machine's true strength. Different types of motor and cooling solutions also result in varying levels of power and noise. In our tests, the noise level varied hugely between models, and we divided it up as follows. The level was measured as a mean value from a minute-long period of use, primarily at the highest speed setting.

Low: < 62 dB Average: 62-66 dB High: > 66 dB

In general, the most expensive machines have a much stronger motor. This is also reflected in the size of the beaters that come with the mixer – the ones on the strongest machines are much larger, which gives a clear advantage in terms of the quantities to be mixed. The material the beaters are made from varies, but most manufacturers have chosen to provide fully stainless steel beaters without plastic parts.

Hand mixer speed

The speed also varies significantly between more expensive and cheaper models, with more expensive ones having a bigger difference between the lowest and highest speeds. This makes it easier to mix slowly when required. If you’ll primarily be using your hand mixer to whip cream, some of the cheaper models also produce really good results.

However, if you're trying to choose between a stand mixer and a hand mixer for baking bread, you need to accept that a hand mixer can only cope with limited amounts of kneading dough, usually for a very short time. But if you’re looking for the convenience of a hand mixer and won’t be kneading lots of bread, we have some really good candidates for you!

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