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Hand warmers: 5 models tested

Anna Lavfors

Updated June 15, 2021

Do your hands get really cold when you’re out on a walk with the pushchair? When it feels like too much effort to take off and on your gloves every time you have to help your child, there’s a convenient solution. We tested hand warmers and name the Easygrow Hand Muffs as our best in test. These are warm and highly weather-resistant hand warmers that work on all types of pram handles. You could say they’re handy!

Our best budget choice is the Carena’s Valö Hand Muffs, which are excellent value for money hand warmers that can be used on all types of pushchair handles.

Hand warmers: 5 models tested

How we did the test

We carry out our tests in-house and test all products as they are intended to be used by real consumers. In our test of hand warmers, we asked an expert in pram accessories to use each of the models in their everyday life. The hand warmers have been used on several pushchairs with different types of handles. In our test we looked at the following characteristics:

  • Warmth and weather resistance: How warm are the hand warmers, can they cope with rain or wet snow and are they tight enough to keep the wind out?

  • Adaptation: How do the hand warmers work both with normal and ergonomic handles, and how do they work with handles of different thicknesses and shapes?

  • Use: How do the hand warmers feel around your hands, can the openings for the hands be adapted to suit different sized hands? We then took into consideration how well the hand warmers performed, together with the design and price, and awarded them an overall score.

1. Najell hand warmers - BEST PREMIUM CHOICE

Price class: Premium Material: Oeko-Tex certified 100% polyester Hand warmer type: Separate mittens Adjustable opening: No

Najell Stroller Gloves

Najell hand warmers belong in the premium price class. But it isn’t just the price that’s high – quality and functionality are top notch too. And your hands are guaranteed to stay warm because no cold air gets in here.

The most unique feature is, of course, the choice of how to grip the stroller handle. Inside the hand warmer is a pocket. If you put your hand in it, you have a layer of warming fleece between your hand and the handle. If you want a better grip or your fingers aren’t too cold, you can skip the pocket and hold directly around the handle.

The hand warmers are made up of two separate mittens and fit all strollers. They attach firmly around the stroller handle through zipped openings on both sides. On most handles it’s quick and easy to get the Najell hand warmers in place. On a slightly wider handle you have to fiddle for an extra few seconds to get the zip together.

Najell hand warmers keep your hands really warm and cosy. The opening for your hands can be adjusted in size, which is great if you switch between different thickness jackets or if there are two parents with different sized hands. The outside is resistant to dirt and water, while the inside is almost as soft on your hands as a rosy baby’s cheek. If you have a budget for really expensive hand warmers, you should definitely go for Najell hand warmers.

Attractive designallows both direct and indirect grip on handlesfits any stroller
Takes a bit longer to get on broader handlesexpensive

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Najell Handmuffs Morning Grey

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Najell Pram Hand Warmer Stroller Gloves Water Resistant Morning Grey


2. BOZZ Hand Warmer

Good value for money, warm and cosy hand warmer that’s easy to attach to the handle!

Price class: Medium Material: Water repellent nylon and fleece lining Type of hand warmer: Long hand muff Adjustable opening: No

Bozz Hand Warmer

BOZZ Hand Warmers are a classic and unpretentious design that doesn’t stand out, and consequently suits all pushchairs regardless of appearance and colour. The black exterior is water repellent nylon and slightly shiny. As well as resisting rain and snow, the external fabric is very easy to keep clean. You attach the hand warmer around the handle with press studs – two on each short side and three in the middle.

The opening is big enough for BOZZ Hand Warmers to work on all types of pram handles, except for umbrella-fold pushchairs with two-part handles. The hand warmer is broad enough for you to keep your hands at a comfortable distance from each other. The inside is covered in soft, cosy fleece and there are no seams or openings that the cold winter air can squeeze through. BOZZ Hand Warmers perhaps don’t add to your pushchair aesthetically, but they tick off all the practical requirements – and for a very good price to boot.

Very good value for moneywarm and cosyeasy to attach to the handle
Rather boring design

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3. BOZZ Long Wool Lambskin Hand Warmer

Very warm hand warmers with a durable and weather-resistant exterior

Price class: Medium Material: Water repellent nylon and fleece lining Type of hand warmer: Long hand muff Adjustable opening: No

Bozz Hand Heater Lambskin Long Haired

BOZZ Long Wool Lambskin Hand Warmers fall into the premium price class, but that’s only to be expected given that the lining is made from genuine natural lambskin. When it comes to the thermal retention properties of different materials, lambskin is often top of the list, and these BOZZ Hand Warmers are no exception. The outside is made from black water-repellent nylon. The fabric resists both rain and wet snow well, and it’s easy to clean them if they get dirty.

You attach the hand warmer to the pushchair handle using press studs. Two on the sides and three in the middle. To make it easier to snap the press studs together, small plastic disks surround them to try and keep the fur out of the way. Unfortunately, these discs are too narrow and some of the press studs are very difficult to fasten as the lambskin still gets in the way. This means that you sometimes have to use them with a few of the studs undone, so the hand warmer doesn't sit properly on the handle. The long lamb wool is very warm and feels cosy on your hands. But it’s a shame to pay so much for a product that you then have to trim with a pair of scissors to make them work as expected.

4. Elodie Details Stroller Mittens

Cosy and stylish hand warmers that attach to the pushchair handle with Velcro

Price class: Medium Material: Polyester Type of hand warmer: Separate mittens Adjustable opening: No

Elodie Details Stroller Mittens Black Edition

In terms of pushchair mittens, these Elodie Details Stroller Mittens are the equivalent of the little black dress in a fashionista’s wardrobe – a safe choice. They take the form of mittens lined with soft fake fur which you attach around the pushchair handle with Velcro. They can be attached around the majority of handles providing they aren’t too wide, and the Velcro stays together well. The fact that these hand warmers are full mittens mean they never let out warmth – nor do they allow cold air, snow or rain in.

These could have been the perfect pushchair accessory, but are let down slightly by the fact that they’re only available in one size. They are quite narrow inside, and anyone with larger hands will find these Elodie Details Stroller Mittens a little too snug to offer premium comfort. They’re also a bit short, which means you can easily end up with a gap between the mitten and the sleeve of your coat. A cuff at the wrist would have been a nice touch. But if your hands are the right size, Elodie Details’ Stroller Mittens can still be a useful winter accessory for your pushchair.

Very attractive designretain the heat very well
Rather narrow and shortdon’t work on broader pushchair handles

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5. Bjällra of Sweden Hand Muff

Full hand warmer that attaches with Velcro and doesn't let in cold air

Price class: Medium Material: Unknown Type of hand warmer: Separate mittens Adjustable opening: No

Bjällra of Sweden Handmuff

Bjällra of Sweden go all-in on the design of their hand muffs, which are available in a range of versions to match their footmuffs. These hand warmers consist of two separate mittens that you attach to the pusher handle using Velcro. The hand warmers cover the hand completely, just like normal mittens. So unlike most other hand warmers, you have a layer of fabric between your fingers and the handle. The advantages of this are that you never need to hold a cold handle, and there’s never cold drafts that can seep in and around your fingers. Bjällra of Sweden are also very good at keeping your hands warm.

Unfortunately, the Velcro isn't well designed. If the pushchair has a broad handle, it can be a struggle to get the mittens to attach around it. And the fact that the hand warmers are designed as mittens also means it’s difficult to vary how you hold onto the handle; you’re essentially forced to always have your fingers over the handle and your thumb under it. Doing this over long periods isn’t always comfortable, so these Bjällra of Sweden Hand Muffs aren't a favourite for long walks.

Keep the heat invery attractive designcan be bought to match your footmuff
Short Velcro only permits one type of grip around the handle

All about hand warmers

Pushchair hand warmers aren’t a new phenomenon, but the range of models has grown enormously over recent years. Hand warmers are a type of glove for the parent, and are attached to the pushchair handle using press studs or Velcro. The idea of a hand warmer is that it should keep your hands warm when you’re pushing the pushchair, and be a more convenient alternative to normal gloves. Anybody who’s been out with small children in the winter knows that their gloves have to come off every other minute as there are constantly noses to wipe, zips to be adjusted and text messages to send. With hand warmers, you avoid this and also eliminate the risk of losing your gloves. Probably no parent would describe hand warmers for a pushchair as an essential accessory, but once you've used them you won't leave the house without them again.

There are two different types of hand warmers. One model looks like a traditional hand muff and is long with space for two hands. The other type consists of two separate mittens to put your hands in. If you have a pushchair with a normal handle, both types work well, even if the separate mittens often mean you can have your hands further apart. But if you have a model with ergonomic handles, the hand muff type doesn’t work so well, and for these models, separate hand warmers are recommended. You can also find these products in knitting pattern and crochet pattern designs that look cool.

As well as working as gloves for the person pushing the pushchair, you can attach hand warmers to the frame for older siblings to hold onto the pushchair. And you can even attach them to the seat in just the right position for a child who likes to hold on to the pushchair but refuses to wear gloves.

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