Updated 9 March 2022

Top 5 Best nursing pillows of 2022

Looking to be comfortable when feeding your baby? We've tested nursing pillows to find out which one is the best.

Top 4 Best nursing pillows of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carry out all tests ourselves and test all products in real conditions. Our testers were pregnant women and new parents breastfeeding or bottle feeding their children. They used and evaluated the design and functions of the nursing pillows on the basis of the following points:

  • Use: What different uses does the pillow have? Is it easy to position and does it give good support to both parent and child?

  • Design: Is the nursing pillow stylish, is the shape practical and are the instructions for use clear?

  • Function: Is the cover removable, is the material organic, is the nursing pillow easy to wash, and can it be used for something other than feeding?

In the reviews, we relate the testers’ experience to the price of the nursing pillow, which then forms the basis for the product score.

1. Doomoo Nursing Pillow – BEST CHOICE NURSING PILLOW 2022

Very comfortable nursing pillow that gives good support and has a long period of use

Price class: Medium Filling: Polystyrene EPS beads Cover: 5% elastane and 95% Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton Washable: Yes, cover and pillow can be washed at 30 degrees Size: Nursing pillow, Nursing & pregnancy pillow Use during pregnancy: Yes

Doomoo Softy Giraffe

Doomoo’s nursing pillows are available in two different sizes. The slightly smaller version is just a nursing pillow, for use when you’re feeding your child – regardless of how you’re feeding them. The larger version can also be used as a support when you’re feeding your hungry baby. But it’s also designed to be used to help you sleep better during the pregnancy, as a support for your growing bump or sore back.

Well-designed update and high levels of comfort

Doomoo have done a good job of transforming nursing pillows. The new versions have soft covers that are extremely comfortable, without sharp seams or tags placed so that they chafe. When the cover gets dirty it’s easy to remove it and wash it in the machine.


The filling consists of EPS beads which make Doomoo’s pillows soft without being too yielding. The consistency is very well judged, and the pillow can also be topped up if it gets too limp over time. A feeding child is supported nicely against the parent’s body but still has a comfortable, cosy position. The pillow can’t be attached around the body but stays in place anyway. Doomoo’s pillows are perfect as sitting supports for slightly older babies.

Great value with a long period of use

The small nursing pillow is slightly better when you're feeding a smaller newborn baby. The larger pillow feels a bit too bulky. It can also be too large if you’re feeding in an armchair where there’s limited space. At the same time, the smaller nursing pillow feels like it’s quickly outgrown if you have a large baby that puts on weight fast.

Both sizes of the Doomoo Nursing Pillow are popular with our testers. But it’s clear that the large Doomoo pregnancy and nursing pillow is the best choice. It’s more expensive, but the period of use is significantly longer. It’s also probable you’ll want to keep the Doomoo as a supportive cushion for your bed long after your baby has outgrown it. You can’t really score much better than this.

Perfect consistencysoft coverlong period of usevery good value
The large pillow is a little bulky for a small newborn

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2. Bbhugme – TOP RESULT

Attractive and fresh nursing pillow with clever functions and a really long period of use

Price class: Premium Material: Oeko-Tex certified Contents: EPS beads Cover: Bamboo Washable: Yes, cover can be washed at 40 degrees, pillow can be rinsed in water Size: One size Use during pregnancy: Yes

Bbhugme Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow

The Bbhugme is a recently launched nursing pillow that looks a bit like a large hot dog sausage. The pillow has been developed to provide both parents and children with an ergonomically correct position for feeding time. The idea is that you use the Bbhugme throughout the pregnancy and into the toddler phase, as it can double up as a bean bag. The nursing pillow is filled with EPS beads that mean it adjusts its shape without being too floppy. You can also adjust the firmness by tightening or releasing the end straps. This makes it very easy to get the Bbhugme just how you like it, and the pillow quickly becomes very popular with both pregnant women and parents of newborn babies (and with their older siblings, who love to play on the cosy pillow too!) You can remove the cover to wash it, and the pillow itself can be hand washed.

The nursing pillow is available in a number of muted colours with bright end clips. These are also safe for your baby to chew on when it starts teething. When you feed your child using the Bbhugme, you can place it in a ring around the body and tie the ends together so there’s no risk of slippage and the child stays in the right position. The disadvantages of the Bbhugme are the high price and the size. The fact that the pillow is so large is nice when you’re using it, but it’s very difficult to store as it’s rather bulky. But it does come in a practical storage bag, which is helpful if you’re taking the Bbhugme on a trip with you. If your budget is big enough for the Bbhugme, we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be satisfied, and we think this brand is here to stay.

Long period of usecomfortable for both large and smalleasy to keep cleanclever functions
Expensivebulky to store

3. IKEA Len

Good value and washable nursing pillow, ideal for anyone who wants very firm support

Price class: Budget Filling: 100% recycled hollow fibre polyester Cover: 55% lyocell, 45% cotton Machine wash: Both pillow and cover can be washed at 60 degrees. Can be tumble dried Size: 60 x 50 x 18 cm Use during pregnancy: No

Ikea Len Breastfeeding Pillow

IKEA don’t waste time on unnecessary frills, so it is unsurprising that the furniture warehouse’s nursing pillow is very straightforward. The IKEA Len has a classic design. The cover is made of soft, non-shiny fabric with a little friction. You can also buy an extra cover, but you can use the Len as it is.

The filling is very firm and stable, which is useful as the nursing pillow provides good support. The pillow can’t be attached around the body when nursing or bottle feeding, but the circular shape is very tight and it doesn’t slip away from the body. If you’re sitting on a sofa, the ends of the pillow sometimes don’t have room to reach around the sides, pushing the whole pillow forwards. But you can rectify this by angling the ends up the sofa back.

Len also feels comfortable for the baby to rest on. When the baby is small, you can fill the space between the pillow and your body with a blanket, but this is less of a problem with the IKEA Len than with many other nursing pillows. The only disadvantage we found with the Len is that it’s intended for nursing. In other words, the shape doesn’t work to support your belly in bed when you’re pregnant.

The fabric also has an ability to attract spots, and quickly looks a bit grubby. So it’s a major plus for the IKEA Len that the pillow and the cover can both be washed in a machine, and tumble dried. If you look at this in view of the price of this nursing pillow, there’s no doubt that the IKEA Len is a very good buy for new parents.

Very good value for moneyeasy to washfixed formatgives good support for parent and child
Bulky to storedoesn’t work during pregnancy

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4. Bbhugme nursing pillow

Convenient nursing pillow that can be adjusted in terms of firmness and tied behind your back

Price class: Premium Material Contents: EPS beads Cover: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton Washable: Yes, cover can be washed at 40 degrees Size: 15 x 65 cm Use during pregnancy: No

Bbhugme Nursing Pillow

The Bbhugme nursing pillow is a smaller and more convenient alternative to the larger, combined pregnancy and nursing pillow from the same brand. The pillow is a straight model and consists of four parts. The pillow itself, which is filled with small silicone beads. The cover – a tubular piece of fabric available in a number of different colours. And to keep the pillow inside the cover and regulate the firmness of the nursing pillow, two silicone rings that you thread over the ends of the cover.

When you use the Bbhugme nursing pillow, it can be kept in place around the body by tying the ends together behind your back. This meets with variable success depending on your body shape. If you’re small and slender, the silicon rings tend to end up behind your back, which makes it a bit uncomfortable to lean backwards. The nursing pillow is very soft and cosy. The material is just the kind of thing you’d choose to have against both your skin and the baby’s, and the fact that it’s filled with beads means it easily adapts to the shape of your body. The idea is probably that the Bbhugme amningskudde should be convenient to take with you, as it includes a carrying bag. But it feels a little bit too narrow, and when the baby gets a bit bigger the pillow isn’t really broad enough.

Even if it isn’t intended to be used during the pregnancy, of course it can also be used for support during this period. The straight shape of the Bbhugme nursing pillow means it works really well for feeding the baby while lying down – you place it behind your back so you don’t need to balance on your side. Overall, the Bbhugme nursing pillow is a really nice and high quality product, but because it quite quickly becomes a bit too narrow to give the child enough support during feeding, the period of use feels rather short in relation to the price.

Soft and cosy materialadjustable shapecan also be used as a support for feeding while lying down
Difficult to tie the ends because of the silicone ringsa bit narrow

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5. Ergo Baby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

Firm nursing pillow with a shape that gives good support and a comfortable and washable cover

Price class: Medium Material Contents: PU and polyester Cover: Cotton poplin and polyester Washable: Yes, removable cover, can be washed at 40 degrees Size: One size Use during pregnancy: No

Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

The ErgoBaby Natural Curve is the nursing pillow that stands out the most in our test. The pillow is manufactured of a firmer material, and the aim is for it to provide better support than other nursing pillows. A common problem is that the pillow loses shape and elasticity so it can no longer provide the support you need when feeding your child. How well the ErgoBaby Natural Curve works depends both on your own body shape but also how you sit when you're feeding your child. The child definitely gets good support and is held in a comfortable position. However, the firmness of the pillow means that it tends to slide away from the body too easily. Depending on your body type, you can prevent this by placing your feet on a stool or sitting on the floor with your legs crossed.

You can remove the pillow’s cover to wash it or replace it with a covering another colour or pattern. The cover is soft and still feels nice after it’s been washed. But you can’t clean the actual pillow except by wiping it off. The firm shape is helpful when you’re storing the pillow, as it makes it easier to slide under the sofa or stand on edge in a wardrobe. The ErgoBaby Natural Curve works best when you sit more upright in a rocking chair or armchair with the child relatively high up in your arms. In a low, deep sofa with your feet up, the pillow lacks a means to hold it in place. If it could be anchored close to your body better, we think that despite its relatively high price and unusual shape, the ErgoBaby Natural Curve could be a stable and popular alternative to the traditional nursing pillow.

Firm shape with good support for the childcomfortable cover that’s easy to wash
Slides away from the body in some positions

Everything to Know about nursing pillows

When you want to feed your newborn, regardless of whether you’re breastfeeding or giving them a bottle, you quickly realise it’s tiring to sit for a long time in the same position and balance a baby in your arms. A good nursing pillow provide support to you and also helps you position the baby correctly for feeding – which can be particularly difficult if you’re feeding twins. With a good nursing pillow, you can have your child skin to skin and still have one hand free to hold the bottle or stroke a tiny cheek. Of course there are many different answers as to whether or not you really need a nursing pillow – and many opinions as to how you use one and how long for. So it’s up to you to decide for yourself whether you need a nursing pillow. But buying a nursing pillow needn’t be expensive. There are cheap versions, and with good instructions you can even make one yourself – there are many patterns available online, together with advice about whether you should fill it with beads, spelt or wadding, and how to personalise the pillow.

In our test of nursing pillows, we’ve included models you can buy from a well-stocked store. A nursing pillow can be large or small, and some of them are stuffed so the pillow is firm or has an ergonomic shape, while others are softer. Some of them are filled with beads so they adjust to your body. Some are shaped so they also provide back support, while others primarily give support to the arms. Some of the nursing pillows have removable covers to make it easy to clean just the cover, while others can be popped in the washing machine whole. It can also be a good idea to use a pillowcase or other piece of fabric over the top of the pillow so it’s easier to keep clean. Nursing pillows often also provide support for babies as they learn to sit upright, so we’ve included some other types of use, such as a support in bed or perhaps as a baby nest. And some models of nursing pillows are intended to be used even when you’re pregnant. For example, when used as a pregnancy pillow, a nursing pillow can provide support for your growing bump if you want to sleep on your stomach, or can be used between your legs if you sleep on your side. If you’ve given birth by Caesarean section and the scar is painful, a nursing pillow can provide protection between the healing stitches and kicks from baby feet.

In our test, we included nursing pillows from some of the most popular manufacturers, such as Doomoo, Rätt Start, bbhugme and Ergo Baby. We also took into account the appearance of the nursing pillow, as patterns or designs taken from children’s stories are popular just now.

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