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Top 5 Best Reversible strollers of 2022


On the lookout for a reversible stroller that takes up less space than a duo? We’ve tested reversible strollers from brands like Joolz, Baby Jogger and Bugaboo. To be named as best in test, a reversible stroller must have a spacious and comfortable seat unit, fold into a compact format and be nice to push.

How we did the test

Our tests are carried out independently, and consist of the tester’s honest, objective opinions. The product selection is carried out and the test results decided without influence from manufacturers, resellers or other internal or external parties.

We carry out all of our tests ourselves and test all products in real conditions. In our tests of reversible strollers, we asked normal families and experts in the area to examine and use different models of stroller. During the testers’ everyday lives, the strollers have been taken on holiday, packed into the car, pushed to preschool and gone along on shopping trips. We tested reversible strollers with both full and split handles.

In our test of reversible strollers, we’ve tested several models of stroller that are either small when in use or are compact enough when folded to work as a reversible travel stroller, to be used in the car or even work as your only stroller if your home is small. All of the strollers have a carrycot, either available as a separate accessory or sold in a package with the stroller. When it comes to choosing a reversible stroller, it’s important to start by looking at your own family’s needs.

  • Your child: Is the maximum weight high enough, and is the seat unit sufficiently spacious for the child? If the child will be sleeping in the stroller, does the seat unit have a reclining or lying position?
  • Use: If you intend to take the stroller in the car, easy folding it may be a priority, but if you want a convenient stroller for shopping you may need a large basket.
  • Ease of pushing: If you might be using the stroller on gravel paths or other uneven surfaces, large air or foam-filled wheels work better. If the parents are different heights, an adjustable handle is recommended.

Our test families evaluated all of the reversible strollers on several different points. We then compared each stroller’s characteristics and functions to its quality and price, after which we appointed a test winner.

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Good value for money reversible stroller with good lying position, long hood and convenient folding

Max. weight seat unit: 22 kg Weight of stroller with seat unit: 11.7 kg Folded size: 77 x 60 x 43 cm Reversible: Yes Carrycot: Yes Stormcover: Not included Backrest: 3 positions, normal seat unit Sleeping position: Lying position Handle: Adjustable, fully telescopic handle Adapter for baby car seat: Available separately

Cybex Balios S Lux

The Cybex Balios S Lux is the updated version of the Cybex Balios S, which now has more convenient folding, update upholstery and a higher maximum weight, amongst other things. If you want to use the Balios S Lux from birth, there’s a cosy carrycot you can buy separately. You can also use an adapters to attach your baby car seat to the chassis.

The Balios S Lux is a reversible stroller with a normal seat unit. You can set the backrest to three different positions using a catch on the back. It can be folded down to a flat lying position, regardless of which way the seat unit is facing. The upholstery has a very nice structure, which feels soft and durable at the same time. The fabric has built up edges on the sides, which gives a cosier feeling – particularly for smaller children.

Long hood that gives good shade from the sun

The stroller has a footrest that can be angled when you press in the two white buttons on the sides. The adjustable footrest together with the lying position makes it comfortable for a sleeping child. The seat unit is good, with a slight backward angle on the backrest. The hood on the seat unit provides very good separation from the outside world. It has a fold-out sun visor and an extension that you open with a zip. Fully unfolded, the child is shaded from head to knees in the Balios S Lux.

If two people of different heights will be pushing the stroller, the Cybex Balios S Lux works well as the telescopic handle is easy to height adjust. The seat unit is relatively high on the chassis, which makes the basket easily accessible. This easily holds a large bag of food and a bit more besides. At the front of the chassis is a built-in footrest, which is useful when larger children are using the stroller. Because the foot rest has no edges, taller children travelling backwards often have their feet dangling, which doesn’t look entirely comfortable.

Compact folding with the seat unit on

One major advantage of the Cybex Balios S Lux is that the stroller can be folded as a single piece with the seat unit on, regardless of which way it’s facing. This makes the Balios S Lux very convenient to take with you in the car. The stroller is flat when folded and the chassis locks automatically. To fold the stroller, you pull a catch on the handle to the side, while pressing in the same button that you use to regulate the handle height. The stroller then folds in the middle. Folding takes just a few seconds once you’ve got used to it.

The Balios S Lux is very easy to push. It’s best in an urban environment, but can cope on some gravel too. The stroller has suspension in the chassis and front wheels. The swivel front wheels make the stroller very easy to turn, and overall the Cybex Balios S Lux is really nice to take out for a walk. Together with plenty of comfort for the child and convenient folding, this is a reversible stroller that works almost everywhere.

Good lying positionlong hoodvery easy to steereasy to fold
Footrest in backwards facing position not as good

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Cybex Balios S Lux (Black Frame) - Deep Black


Cybex Balios S Lux Pushchair - Seashell Beige


Cybex Balios S Lux Pushchair- Sky Blue



Very convenient and stylish reversible stroller with full lying position and compact when folded

Max. weight seat unit: 22 kg Weight of stroller with seat unit: 11.2 kg Folded size: 66 x 53 x 34 cm Reversible: Yes Carrycot: Yes Stormcover: Not included Backrest: 3 positions, normal seat unit Sleeping position: Lying position Handle: Telescopic Adapter for baby car seat: Available separately

Joolz Hub+

The Joolz Hub+ can be used as a reversible stroller, but also works direct from birth. You can attach both a carrycot and baby car seat to the chassis. The seat unit can even be used for a newborn, together with a soft carrycot or Hub Cocoon.

The Hub+ generally has the same characteristics as a larger duo. But it’s significantly smaller when folded, and unusually compact and convenient even when it’s unfolded. Joolz can be very pleased with their Hub, which was first released in 2018. And the new Hub+ has only got better.

Well-designed updates

Compared to the older version, the Joolz Hub+ has several improved functions, such as a bigger basket, new wheel design and built-in LED lights. Having small lights in the chassis may seem a bit over-the-top, but anything that makes the stroller more visible in the dark is a good thing.

The reversible seat unit has a good sitting position and flat lying position. The hood is extendable. Fully unfolded, part of the hood consists of mesh that lets in the air, but can also be covered up if you want to make it dark when your child needs to sleep. The seat unit has an adjustable foot rest and swing-out belly bar. The Hub+ has a significantly improved harness, where the straps can easily be clicked in one at a time. It’s easy to turn the seat unit. The backrest is high and children up to at least three years of age will fit comfortably in the Joolz Hub+.

Very easy to push stroller

The strongest side of the Joolz Hub+ is that it’s really nice to push. The stroller has quite small wheels but still rolls easily and is just as simple to steer. It works fine on the odd gravel path or lawn, but the Hub+ is at its best in an urban environment. All four wheels are puncture-free and front wheels can be locked in a fixed position, which makes things easier on uneven ground or snow.

The handle can be set to several different heights and there’s plenty of space for the person pushing to walk. You can tell that the Hub+ has a bigger basket, but it’s still on the smaller size. You won’t want to take the Joolz Hub+ with you if you’re doing a big shop.

Compact when folded and easy to carry

If you have a narrow hall or cramped car boot, the Hub+ is a dream. The stroller folds up easily into a single piece with the seat unit on, regardless of which way the seat unit is facing. Once folded, the Hub+ becomes a compact package that’s easy to get into the car boot. You can also carry the stroller over your shoulder thanks to the built-in carrying strap and low weight.

If you can’t have a stroller that takes up a centimetre more than necessary, either when in use or when folded, the Joolz Hub+ is a perfect choice. With the Hub+ the new family gets almost everything a bigger stroller has, in an impressively compact format and with a very appealing design.

Compact when foldednice to pushgood lying positionhigh backrest
Short footrest

3. Bugaboo Bee 6

High quality reversible stroller with spacious seat unit and a convenient swing-out belly bar

Max. weight seat unit: 15/22 kg Weight of stroller with seat unit: 9.4 kg Folded size: 90 x 47 x 36 cm Reversible: Yes Carrycot: Yes Stormcover: included Backrest: 3 positions, normal seat unit Sleeping position: Lying position Handle: Adjustable, telescopic handle Adapter for baby car seat: Available separately

Bugaboo Bee 6

The Bugaboo Bee 6 demonstrates a number of significant changes compared to its predecessor – bigger wheels, a belly bar, more airy seat unit upholstery and an improved hood. The Bee 6 can be used from newborn, and you can buy both a carrycot and adapters for a baby car seat separately. But the stroller is most popular for sitting children, as a more convenient complement to a larger duo.

Larger wheels make it roll even easier

Pushing the Bugaboo Bee 6 is a pleasant experience. It’s easy to steer the stroller with one hand and it pretty much rolls by itself on smooth surfaces. The larger wheels mean the Bee 6 rolls better than before, and make it easier to get over kerbs, cross a lawn or roll over gravel. But the improvements still aren’t enough for the Bee 6 to be a stroller you’ll want to push in snow or on rougher terrain.

The handle can be adjusted to a good range of heights, so the Bee 6 works well for both very tall and shorter parents. It feels a little old-fashioned that the handle can’t be raised with just one hand. Instead you have to open up clips on the sides of the handle. Folding, too, is something that in practice requires both hands, but otherwise it’s very easy to fold the Bee 6. The stroller also folds up very small and has built-in support for being stored upright when folded.

Spacious seat unit that can grow with the child

The reversible seat unit can be angled between sitting position, reclining position and lying position. The actual seat plate can be pulled out so it becomes deeper, and the backrest can be raised as the child grows. The harness is very convenient, with four straps that click separately into the harness buckle. The seat unit’s maximum weight is 22 kg in forward facing position, but only 15 kg facing backwards. The seat unit is spacious enough for a normal sized 6-year-old to fit comfortably.

In many ways, the Bee 6 is a stroller for hot weather. The extendable hood has two mesh ventilation hatches that open. However, in lying position the hood is rather short even when it’s fully extended. The seat base and upholstery on the Bee 6 have been designed to increase air circulation. If you live in a warmer climate, this is a function you’ll appreciate.

Finally a belly bar for the Bee

One function in the Bee 6 that’s been missing from previous versions is the swing-out belly bar. This makes the seat feel a little more cosy, and means that you can sometimes skip the harness if your child is a bit bigger. You can completely remove the belly bar, and you can fold the stroller with it in place. The stroller’s basket isn’t as accessible as it could be, but can hold all the necessities and a bit more besides.

Bugaboo isn’t a budget brand, and the Bee 6 is pushing the limits of price for a stroller in this category. If you like Bugaboo’s aesthetics and are looking for a reversible stroller, the price tag matches the functions well. The large wheels and swing-out belly bar makes the Bugaboo Bee 6 better than ever before.

Spacious seat unitconvenient swing-out belly barcompact when foldedworks really well with standing board
Expensiverather short hood

4. Bugaboo Ant

Convenience and unexpectedly sturdy reversible stroller that’s small enough to travel as hand luggage

Max. weight seat unit: 22 kg Weight of stroller with seat unit: 7.2 kg Folded size: 55 x 38 x 23 cm Reversible: Yes Carrycot: No Stormcover: Not included Backrest: 3 positions backward facing and 2 positions forward-facing, normal seat unit Sleeping position: Lying position backward facing, reclining position forward facing Handle: Adjustable, fully telescopic handle Adapter for baby car seat: Available separately

Bugaboo Ant

Ant is popular stroller manufacturer Bugaboo’s smallest stroller yet, and normally the brand isn’t worried about being a lot – either when it comes to functions or price tag. But even if the Bugaboo Ant is a relatively expensive model of travel stroller or reversible stroller, the overall experience is still that you get a lot for your money.

In backward facing position, the reversible seat unit can be angled from sitting position and reclining position down to a flat lying position. This means the stroller can be used direct from birth together with Bugaboo’s cocoon. When the seat unit is turned to face forwards, there’s only sitting position and a reclining position, although the latter is on enough of an angle for the child to sleep without their head tipping forwards.

Seat unit that can be adapted to the child’s size

The hood can be extended and opened up with a zip. But even fully unfolded, it’s rather short and unfortunately doesn’t give as much shade as Bugaboo’s duo hoods do. If you choose a hood in one of the mottled fabrics, Ant has a combined peephole and ventilation hatch covered with black mesh. The one-colour hoods have no peephole.

The Bugaboo Ant is most comfortable for very small or slightly larger children. A baby can travel comfortably in the backward-facing seat unit. And children from around 2-3 years of age fit well facing forwards with their feet against the chassis’ built-in footrest. The backrest can be height-adjusted, which extends the period of use. But for children between 6 months and 2 years, who you’d rather have facing backwards, it’s important to be aware that the Ant has no footrest. The seat ends immediately after the actual sitting surface. You can buy a separate footrest as an accessory, however, and this provides better leg support.

Versatile stroller that works unexpectedly well with a standing board

Comfort is also high for the parent. The handle is comfortable to hold and can be height-adjusted, so it suits parents of different heights. The Bugaboo Ant is nice to push, and given how small the stroller is it feels impressively robust and stable. How well the Ant works with Bugaboo’s standing board is also a positive surprise. It makes it one of the better reversible travel strollers on the market, for those looking for a sibling solution.

The two different baskets definitely have enough space. And the fact that the stroller is very small when folded is without doubt. But the actual folding process consists of a relatively long list of different steps. It isn’t difficult, but you have to do them in the right order and there’s a bit of a learning curve. Overall, the Bugaboo Ant is a well-designed reversible stroller that’s nice to use. And which, despite some limitations – primarily caused by the smallness of the stroller – still lives up to our expectations of how bit a premium stroller should be to travel as hand luggage.

Minimal size when foldedadjustable handlestable and nice to pushworks with standing board
No lying position when forward-facingno footrestshort hood

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All about reversible strollers

When the first duo or combination pram you use for your child starts to feel large and clumsy, it may be time to change to a neater alternative. You may also want to have a reversible stroller as an extra stroller, to supplement a larger, sturdier duo. Many people choose a more off-road version for normal walks with the stroller and have a reversible stroller to take in the car because it takes up less space when folded, or to use as a shopping stroller because it’s narrower and easier to manoeuvre inside a shop.

For a long time you had to mainly choose between forward-facing pushchairs and travel strollers when you wanted a smaller stroller than a duo. But now there’s a good range of small and convenient reversible strollers. To count as a reversible stroller in our tests, it must be possible to attach the seat unit to the chassis in both a forward and backward-facing direction. The stroller must also be convenient in terms of width and length, when it’s unfolded and in use, and more compact when it’s folded than a normal size duo or combination pram.

Many reversible strollers are based on flat surfaces or in urban environments, as they are neither robust nor have sufficient suspension for rougher terrain. But new models are constantly being released as demand is increasing for reversible strollers. Now there are alternatives with sturdier wheels, which are sometimes air-filled, and other models have got really good suspension. So it’s possible to find a convenient reversible stroller today, almost regardless of how you’re going to use it.

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