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Top 7 Best waffle makers of 2021

Katarina Stenskytt

Updated May 13, 2021

Top 7 Best waffle makers of 2021

How we did the test

We tested all waffle makers with a ready-made waffle mix from the same manufacturer, to rule out different recipes for waffles affecting the quality. All waffle makers have been tested on at least three occasions by at least five different people, and with different heat settings. The following areas are some of those we examined extra carefully:

  • The waffle: We assess colour – which should be golden brown, neither burnt nor pale. We assess crispiness – the waffle mustn’t be too dry. And we also looked at the shape of the waffle.

  • Time: Both the heating time and the time from when the batter is added until the waffle is completely done.

  • Functions: Among other things, we examined whether the heat can be regulated and what indications there were to indicate that the waffle maker is ready for use.

  • Heat: We also checked to see if the handle gets too hot to touch and whether you can adjust the heat on the waffle maker without burning yourself.

  • Cleaning: Since you can’t wash a waffle maker under running water, we checked to see how clean you can get it by wiping it off, and whether the machine's design prevents the batter from overflowing.

Most waffle makers in our test produce a decent waffle, but there are some that stand out and give that little extra crispness.


Waffle maker with good features that produces large, crispy and perfectly chewy waffles

Model: Single waffle Watt: 1400 Weight: 3.1 kg Width: 32 cm Height: 25 cm Depth: 11 cm On/off button: Yes Adjustable heat: Yes Maker ready indicator: Yes Waffle ready indicator: Yes Waffle diameter: Approx. 21.5 cm Cleaning: May only be wiped with kitchen paper on the inside

Wilfa WAS-623

For those who take their waffle baking seriously, Wilfa's WAS-623 single waffle maker is without a doubt the best choice. The waffles are large and crispy and the waffle maker is both cleverly designed and easy to use. The materials are high quality, and we feel the waffle maker looks more expensive than it actually is. The waffle maker has small rubberised feet, which means it won’t slip. The light indicators have clear green and red lights, and it was the only waffle maker to have sound indication – when the waffle is ready, the WAS-623 beeps loud and clear. There’s no risk of the waffle burning. Just like the double waffle maker from the same brand, Wilfa's WAS-623 is designed to be stored on edge and feels very stable in this position too.

The heat can be easily adjusted in six different steps, and the Wilfa WAS-623 was also the only single waffle maker that could be switched off completely without the plug being pulled out. The handle is easy to grip, it doesn’t get hot, and the waffle maker remains stable with the lid raised. The Wilfa WAS-623 produced the largest waffle in the test and, according to our testers, it was also the most attractive. The waffle can be divided into six large hearts and the shape of the waffle maker is cleverly constructed with a slight slope inwards, which minimises the risk of the batter flowing over the edges. The baking time is normal, as is the heating time. For the perfect crisp waffle, however, we recommend that the waffle maker is allowed to stand and heat up a little longer and that you have the heat set to the highest position. Under those conditions, you get a nice golden waffle, evenly baked and with extra crispy edges. Best in test, according to every one of our testers.

Large waffles that are both attractive and crispygood featuresclear sound indication when the waffle is ready
Requires a slightly longer cooking time before the waffle is perfect

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Wilfa WAS-623 Bell Waffle Maker, Steel


2. Steba WE 20 Belgian Waffle – BEST BELGIAN WAFFLE

Innovative waffle maker with built-in funnel, makes very good Belgian waffles

Model: Single waffle Watt: 700 Weight: 1.9 kg Width: 21 cm Height: 22 cm Depth: 27 cm On/off button: No Adjustable heat: No Maker ready indicator: Yes Waffle ready indicator: No Waffle diameter: Approx. 18 cm Cleaning: May only be wiped with kitchen paper and a damp cloth

Steba WE 20 Volcano

At first glance, the design of the Steba WE 20 doesn’t look anything remarkable, but actually some thought has gone into it. On the top of this Belgian waffle maker there’s an opening, where an accompanying funnel can be attached. The funnel is stored on the underside of the waffle maker when not in use. It also includes a measured scoop, to pour the batter into the funnel. However, the dosage indications feel a bit stingy for a whole waffle, so we added a bit more batter. Despite this seemingly intelligent system to add the batter to the waffle maker, there will always be some mess. The inside of Steba WE 20 is convex – which is a bit unusual, but the baking is still effective. Since the handle has a catch which must be undone before the waffle maker can be opened, there’s no risk of it accidentally being opened before the waffles are completely done.

Storage is simple. The waffle maker can be set upright and the cord can be wound up on the underside. The colour indicators showing that the waffle maker is ready or the waffle is cooked also work well. The waffle maker gets hot during use, but the handle remains cool enough to be able to open and close the Steba WE 20 without burning your fingers. It’s not possible to regulate the heat on the waffle maker, but you don’t really miss the function either. The Steba WE 20 is perfectly regulated to do its job. The waffles are very good, full and perfectly golden brown. The outside is crispy and the inside is a little soft. The underside is also good, although the top could be a bit more aesthetically pleasing. But if you flip the waffle before it’s served, there’s no doubt that you get almost perfect crispy Belgian waffles with the Steba WE 20.

Very well-baked waffleseasy to useintelligent solutions
Takes time to figure out the right amount of batter neededexpensive

3. Cloer 1329

Easy-to-use waffle maker with adjustable heat that bakes perfect crisp waffles

Model: Double waffle Watt: 1200 Weight: 2.5 kg Width: 34 cm Height: 8 cm Depth: 25 cm On/off button: No Adjustable heat: Yes Maker ready indicator: Yes Waffle ready indicator: Yes Waffle diameter: Approx. 16 cm Cleaning: May only be wiped with kitchen paper and a damp cloth

Cloer 1329

The Cloer 1329 is a really solid, double waffle maker with all the stability and quality you’d expect from a German manufacturer. The waffle maker is slimline and quite lightweight. It’s easy to store, as it can be set upright and it’s possible to wind the cord around the foot of the waffle maker. The Cloer 1329 is also easy to understand. Before the first baking, it should be heated and then wiped off, but unlike some other waffle makers, there’s no plastic smell or dirt. Once the power cord is connected, a light comes on and when it goes out, that means the waffle maker is hot enough for the batter to be poured in. The same light then comes on again and goes out again when the waffle is ready,

The heat can be set on a five point scale. We made waffles at heat level 4 and think the result when the lamp goes out is exactly what you'd want. Both waffles are evenly baked, beautifully golden brown and the edges are just right, crisp without being dry. The warm-up time and baking time are both normal. The waffle maker gets hot, but the handle maintains a reasonable temperature and the lid can be opened without an oven glove. The waffles have five hearts and are decorated with a decorative waffle pattern. Cleaning is done as usual with kitchen paper and a damp cloth, and it’s easy to freshen up the waffle maker after it’s been used. Simple, stable and a really good waffle – the Cloer 1329 knows exactly how to make a waffle.

Easy to usereally nice crisp wafflesgood light indicators for finished waffle
Gets hot on the outside

4. Emerio Waffle Bowl Maker WBM-110196

Emerio WBM-110196

Ordinary waffles, Belgian waffles, bubble waffles, waffle sticks – is there really any room for more types of waffle in our lives? Absolutely! Especially when they can be so much fun.

You can make your own waffle bowls at home with the help of the Emerio waffle bowl maker. These waffles shouldn’t be confused with the things you might get your ice cream served in – these are wonderfully thick waffles, but in the shape of a bowl. Each waffle takes exactly three and a half minutes to bake, and the result is both golden and crispy.

If you want to eat your waffles with your family or friends, set them in the oven one by one as they are ready, at a low temperature to keep them warm, while the rest of the waffles are being baked.


Baking these waffle bowls could hardly be easier. Fill the machine to the line and then close the lid. One of our testers did have a bit of a hard time getting the nice smooth edge the packaging showed. But this was probably due to the fact that they should have added a little more batter.

These waffles are fairly thick (you need a bit more than 100 ml for each waffle) and if you don’t want to fill them with ice cream you can add a delicious filling. And it doesn’t have to be sweet either. Why not try a 70s classic: prawn cocktail?

Given the friendly price tag, the fun bowl-shaped waffles, and the crispy, golden results, this waffle maker is a really great addition to the waffle lover's kitchen.

Fun shapecrispy waffleseasy to use
Takes some time if you want to make loads

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5. Sage The Smart Waffle

Model: Double Belgian waffle maker Watt: 1000 Width: 30 cm Height: 13.5 cm Depth: 28 cm On/off button: Yes Adjustable heat: Yes Maker ready indicator: Yes Waffle ready indicator: Yes Size of waffle: 11.5x12 cm Cleaning: Clean the waffle maker with a dry, soft cloth or paper towels

Sage The Smart Waffle

This is a Belgian waffle maker that oozes luxury as much as it produces great waffles. With The Smart Waffle, Sage have really run with the concept that it should be easy to do the right thing – and not once during the test period did the waffles fail with this waffle maker.

The Smart Waffle is a double waffle maker that produces perfect Belgian waffles time and time again. The waffle maker also seems to think of everything for you, which minimises the risk of stains on the kitchen worktop and unbaked (or burnt) waffles.

With a clear display that lights up on the front when the waffle maker is switched on using a screw knob, the waffle maker lets you know with colour, a message and a clear audible signal when it’s ready for use.

Getting the correct measure is easy with the (included) scoop and the recommended dosage quickly turns out to be perfectly matched to the size of the waffle maker. Should you happen to use too much mixture, the excess accumulates in a sort of gutter instead of spilling out. The gutter is also heated, which makes it easy to pick out the solidified batter when you're finished. However, it’s a good idea to be careful with your fingers around this gutter, as it does tend to get very hot.

It’s easy to choose the degree of baking, and not even when we set it in the hottest position did the waffles burn. However, it takes significantly longer for the waffles to be done. On a standard setting, it takes about five minutes for two waffles to be ready. This may feel like a long time, but it’s worth bearing in mind that these waffles consist of almost twice as much batter as a regular waffle, so you won’t be able to eat as many.

Once the waffle is done, a clear signal sounds and it’s easy to extract the waffle from the waffle maker with a plastic kitchen utensil (you should never use metal, as it can damage the coating). The baking time is also counted down on the display, which is useful, as you get on with other things in the kitchen while it’s baking. The result is a good-looking, nicely browned, tasty and aesthetically pleasing waffle.

The biggest downside to Sage The Smart Waffle is undeniably the price. It’s the most expensive waffle maker in the test. At the same time, it’s an incredibly good waffle maker, with parts that feel solid and durable. If you have a high budget for your purchase, or eat Belgian waffles often and want a professional result, then this waffle maker may be worth considering.

Attractiveefficient and even bakingclear settingssignals when the waffle is ready
Very expensive

6. Cloer 1445 Belgian Waffle

Easy-to-use waffle maker that makes large, evenly browned and crispy Belgian waffles

Model: Single, Belgian waffle Watt: 930 Weight: 2.3 kg Width: 23 cm Height: 10 cm Depth: 23.5 cm On/off button: No Adjustable heat: Yes Maker ready indicator: Yes Waffle ready indicator: Yes Cleaning: May only be wiped with kitchen paper and a damp cloth

Cloer 1445

The Cloer 1445 is a waffle maker for Belgian waffles. Two waffles are made at the same time next to each other, about 9 x 15 cm each. From the first time you use it, you can see that German manufacturer Cloer has really understood the importance of good heat dissipation. The waffles turn an even golden brown over their entire surface, both on the top and the bottom. A feat not all waffle makers can handle, and yet this one manages even with the larger amount of batter. The waffle maker has an adjustable heat setting with a scale between 1 (low heat) to 5 (high heat). The lid is easy to open and the waffle maker feels stable even with the lid in the open position. There’s no on/off button, nor a winder for the power cable. But the waffle maker is stable when standing on edge for safe storage when not in use.

The first impressions of the Cloer 1445 are good. There’s no lingering odour of plastic from the manufacturing process, and the waffle maker feels clean. The waffle maker also feels solid when handled. The control for the heat is sturdy and the handle is easy to get a grip on. However, a lot of heat escapes as steam during use, so we recommend using an oven glove. The light indicator to show that the waffle maker’s ready and the waffle is finished work reliably. The surface where the waffles are baked is deep and the batter all stays in place. However, it uses a lot of batter as the waffles are just over 1 cm thick when they're done, and really fluffy. Of course the taste is determined a lot by the recipe for the waffle batter, but the finished waffle you get with the Cloer 1445 is nicely crisp and golden yellow – exactly what you’d want.

Very good heat dissipationnicely browned waffleseasy to use
No on/off button or cable winderthe handle gets hot from steam during baking

7. Cloer 1629

Uncomplicated waffle maker that takes up very little space and makes good golden heart-shaped waffles

Model: Single waffle Watt: 930 Weight: 1.3 kg Width: 19 cm Height: 10 cm Depth: 23 cm On/off button: No Adjustable heat: Yes Maker ready indicator: Yes Waffle ready indicator: Yes Waffle diameter: Approx. 16.5 cm Cleaning: May only be wiped with kitchen paper on the inside

Cloer 1629

The Cloer 1629 is a stainless steel waffle maker that makes classic waffles. A waffle from this machine consists of five reasonably large hearts. The waffle maker itself is a simple model, but the construction feels solid and the instruction manual is easy to understand. The waffle maker is stable even when standing on edge. It’s also small and easy to find space for in the kitchen cupboard. The cable can be wrapped around the waffle maker when it’s being stored. The heat on the Cloer 1629 can be adjusted on a six point scale. The control is located on the lid and is easy to adjust even with sticky hands. The red light on the front of the waffle maker starts to shine when the power cable is plugged in and goes out again when the machine is hot enough to allow waffle making to begin. Once the batter has been added, the lamp lights up again and then goes out once more when the waffle is ready. It takes one or two waffles before it really starts to work properly, but from then on you get nice golden brown and evenly baked waffles.

The handle for opening the waffle maker protrudes far enough for the Cloer 1629 to be handled without it getting too hot for your fingers. There’s no risk of it tipping over when the lid is raised, as the Cloer 1629 feels very well balanced. The waffle maker can’t be washed under running water, but the inside can be wiped clean with kitchen paper. You can also wipe the outside and the edges with a damp cloth. There are no features that stand out and the design is nothing very special either. But the waffle maker does its job without fuss, and the waffles are good. The Cloer 1629 is an easy-to-use and affordable waffle maker.

Easy to useaffordablesmall size
No on/off button

Everything to Know about waffle makers

We tested a selection of the market's most popular waffle makers. Some are double machines, where you can make two waffles at the same time, and the others are single. We looked at several different aspects of each waffle maker. As it’s a product that most people only use a few times a year, smart storage is important, and we also think that a waffle maker should be stable and not have a tendency to tip over when the lid is opened. A waffle maker should have user-friendly functions and knobs, clear light indicators and be easy to clean. Most waffle makers become very hot after a long period of use and some steam a fair bit, so it’s important that the machine is placed well out of reach of children. This is also the reason why waffle makers have relatively short cords. With regard to heat generation, we also looked at what it’s like to use the waffle maker; does the handle get too hot to touch? And can you adjust the heat without burning yourself? None of these waffle makers can be washed under running water, which makes cleaning difficult and getting a well-used waffle maker completely clean is pretty much impossible. We think that if you can wipe most of it off with kitchen paper that’s fine, because a few baked on crumbs of dough aren’t all that important considering that a waffle maker is only used for one purpose.

Most important of all, of course, is the end product – the waffle itself. A good waffle should be evenly baked, have a crispy consistency and look appetising. Both the heating time and baking time are reasonably long and in our tests none of the waffle makers were particularly fast or slow. However, the quality of the waffles did vary slightly. Placement of the heating elements affects how evenly baked the waffle will be, and we think the middle of the waffle should be baked through just enough until the edges become crispy. If the heat can also be regulated, you can influence how well baked the waffle will be, and you can also ignore the waffle maker’s indication that the waffle is ready and leave it a bit longer if you prefer it to be cooked a bit more. So, given all that, which waffle maker is best? Is an expensive machine much better than a cheap one? To determine this, we compared several different aspects of each waffle maker and looked at the advantages and disadvantages of each to obtain a final score. Most waffle makers in our test produce a decent waffle, but there are some that stand out and give that little extra crispness

Different types of waffle maker

There are several different types of waffle maker. Of course, the traditional cast iron ones that you can use to make waffle over an open fire outdoors or in a wood-burning stove stand out the most. But today most waffle makers are electric. Some are non-stick, others aren’t. There are reversible waffle makers, waffle makers with removable plates, ceramic and aluminium waffle makers.

Different types of waffle

There are also waffle makers for different types of waffles. There is the classic, old-fashioned waffle that makes a pattern of hearts, the American waffle and the Belgian waffle – which is the square, slightly thicker type of waffle. With a good waffle maker, you should be able to make a waffle at home that looks like it’s been produced by a professional, i.e. the type of waffle you might get for breakfast in a hotel or restaurant.

Waffle maker functions

The functions of a waffle maker vary. Some have a proper on/off button, while others are on all the time they’re plugged in. Some waffle makers are reversible, and others have removable plates. We also think a waffle maker should be stable and not be prone to tipping over when the lid is open. They should also ideally be easy to store. The waffle maker should have user-friendly knobs with adjustable temperature settings and clear light and/or sound indicators. The primary function of a waffle maker is, of course, making waffles, but they often also have to double up as a sandwich grill.

Waffle Day

In Scandinavia they celebrate Waffle Day every year on 25 March. Waffle Day has its origins in the day when, in the Christian tradition, the Virgin Mary was informed that she was going to have a child. Today, most people are aware of the historical background and all that’s left is the tradition of making waffles and eating them with various accompaniments – often jam and cream. Belgian waffles, which are thicker and more square in shape, are becoming more popular. But waffles don’t have to be just a sweet dessert. Savoury waffles are also increasing in popularity and there are countless different ways to serve them. For instance, combinations of seafood, sour cream, red onion and avocado.

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