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Top 5 Best wellington boots of 2022

Top 11 Best wellington boots of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. In our tests of Wellington boots, we asked children of preschool and school age to use the boots in their everyday lives. We then evaluated their experience of whether the boots kept them dry. In the test, we primarily examined the following characteristics:

  • Function: Are the Wellington boots watertight, do they let the foot breathe and do they have any type of lining so that they can also be used in winter?

  • Design: What do the Wellington boots look like, how tall or short is the shaft, are there reflectors, are there straps for pulling them on or other details that somehow stand out?

  • Performance: How durable are the wellies, are they easy to keep clean, are they sturdy enough to be resold or passed on to siblings when the first child grows too big for them?

The above factors have then been compared to the price of the Wellington boots, after which we have allocated a score.

1. Crocs Handle it Boot – BEST CHOICE WELLINGTON BOOTS 2022

Ultra-light boots that are flexible for all children and withstand water and wear very well

Price class: Medium Material: Croslite foam rubber Lined: No Reflectors: Yes

Crocs Kid's Handle It Rain Boot - Cerulean Blue

Croc's Handle It Boot is the model that stands out most from the range, as it isn’t made of the materials we’re used to. Nor does it look like a traditional Wellington boot. The shape is neither neat nor clumsy, but just right for a child's growing feet. The straps or handles on the boot are as functional as they look. For the child, it soon becomes natural to grab these when the boot is to be pulled on, and also when it’s time to take them off again. In terms of height, the Crocs Handle It Boot is just right. When the child jumps in deep puddles, their trouser knees tend to get a little wet, but if the boot had been taller, they would rightly have been perceived as clumsy to move around in.

The Handle It Boot is a fully moulded boot and it shows. Not a drop of water ever leaks into the boot. The downside is that when it’s sunny but wet out they do get a bit sweaty, but then so do most boots in the summer. We tested the Crocs Handle It Boot on children between 1 and 6 years old and what we like most is that it’s the boot that best allows the child to move around just like in other shoes. The Handle It Boot weighs so little that the risk of tripping up through heavy feet disappears completely. In these boots, playing and running can continue just like before the rain fell. Given the price, the Handle It Boot gives absolutely the most for the money and is our choice for best in test in 2016.

Convenient to put on and wearextremely good wear resistance and water tightnessvery lightweight
Has only a very small reflector on the heel

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Crocs Handle It Rain Childrens Wellingtons 1 UK Blue


Crocs Boys & Girls Handle It Rain Waterproof Wellies Wellington Boots UK Size 12 (EU 29-30, US C12)


Crocs Girl's Handle It Rain Childrens Wellingtons - Blue - Size: 3


2. Kavat Gimo

Price class: Medium Material: Rubber and wool Lined: Yes, removable lining Reflectors: No

Kavat Gimo WP - Black

The Kavat Gimo is a Wellington boot made of SEBS-moulded rubber and, according to Kavat, as for their other shoes, is free of substances such as PVC, PTFE and fluorinated hydrocarbons. The Gimo is an all-weather boot, which can be used during the autumn and spring as well as on a soaking wet winter’s day. The boot has a removable inner lining, made of wool, which keeps the child's feet warm in colder weather. The Gimo is small in size, which makes it extra important to try on the boots before purchasing. The boot model is quite tall, which is good for deep puddles but, at the same time, can make it a bit clumsy to wear for smaller children. The inner lining is soft and comfortable, and shaped to fit the inside of the boot. The lining is held in place by folding the upper edge over the boot shaft. After a long period of use, the lining becomes a little worn around the toes.

The boot is both watertight and durable. No water leaks in, and whether a child crawls around on the ground or rides a bike and brakes with the top of their toe, the boot doesn’t look worn. Just like other rubber boots, the Gimo's function is to stay watertight and dry, which also means that it doesn’t breathe. If the child's feet are sweaty, it’s a good idea to remove the linings and let them dry. The Kavat Gimo can also be used without the lining, but for comfort you should then use an insole. The fact that the boot can be used in both warmer and colder seasons gives the Gimo a longer lifetime and that, together with the wear resistance, makes the Kavat Gimo a very good value boot.

Removable wool liningcan be used both winter and springvery watertight and durable
Small in sizecan get sweaty

3. Hunter Original Kids and Hunter Kids First

High quality Wellington boots with good fit and exclusive design

Price class: Premium Material: Rubber and nylon Lined: No Reflectors: Original: Yes Kids First: no

Hunter Original Tall - Black

In addition to their popular women's boots, Hunter also makes Wellington boots for children. The first of the two models we tested was Kids First, a slightly simpler variant that was used in our test by the smaller children. The boot has a wide opening and was easy to get on and off the child's foot. The rubber feels thin and soft, which we see as a plus for small children who may move in a way that requires more give in their footwear. The durability of the rubber was good during our test period and the children's feet didn’t get wet. Unfortunately, the model lacks clearly visible reflectors.

The Hunter Original Kids was the second boot model, and this is actually pretty similar to the adult variant. The fit is on the narrow side, and the boot leg is tall, which has the advantage that legs and trousers are protected further up. The heel is a little raised and quite narrow, but children don’t seem to have been bothered by it. After a fair bit of use, the boot still looks good. One extra plus are the substantial reflectors at the back. Because the Hunter Kids Original are the most expensive boots in our test, we expected very good performance, and they didn’t disappoint. If you're just looking for boots to keep the kids’ feet dry, you can get cheaper boots. But if you’d like to spend a little extra money on children's boots with an attractive look, Hunters are by far the most stylish option.

Good qualitygood fit and very attractive finish
Expensiveno reflectors on the Kids First

4. Viking Jolly

Well-made Wellington boot that feels stable and withstands rain and puddles.

Price class: Medium Material: Rubber Lined: No Reflectors: Yes

Viking Jolly - Navy

Viking's Jolly Wellington boot feels and looks like a real classic. These are the types of boots you see in your mind’s eye when you think of a Wellington boot. The model is a slightly heavier variant, but that means that the Viking Jolly feels both stable and solid. This is a boot that gives a little extra stability to the foot, and one that should withstand a good bit of wear. After use, we’ve also found that the boot still looks good. There are no seams that have cracked or other wear of any kind. The Viking Jolly also has a small heel, and the sole has a deep tractor pattern for better grip on muddy and slippery surfaces.

The inside of the boots feels softer and more snug than most other Wellington boots. The model isn’t lined but the textile inside makes the boot feel cosier. The Viking Jolly is perceived as more or less normal in size, but in fact around the foot it’s slightly narrower – which may or may not matter, depending on the feet of the particular child. Some may feel this boot pinch a little. None of the children in our test had anything negative to say about Viking Jolly boots during use, but they weren’t the first choice either. Perhaps because they’re heavier, these boots do best in really rough weather or for children who are a little older and have stronger legs.

Stable and sturdy Wellington bootsnug insidewell made
Fit a bit tightrather heavy

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5. Tretorn Baffle Hybrid

Cosy lined boots that are easy to put on

Price class: Premium Material: Fleece, neoprene, rubber Lined: Yes Reflectors: No

Tretorn Arch Hybrid - Black

The Tretorn Baffle Hybrid are really cosy, lined boots. The boots go high enough on the calf to function as a regular Wellington boot, and keep the trousers dry when jumping in puddles. There’s no zip, but the Baffle Hybrid still feels flexible enough for the child to dress themself. Especially with the help of a shoehorn.

The inside of a Tretorn Baffle Hybrid boot is lined with a soft, fluffy fleece. When trying on boots for size, it’s worth bearing in mind that the lining will compact over time, so the boots will become a little bigger inside. According to Tretorn, these boots are 100% watertight and even on a really slushy, wet day, your children’s feet will remain dry.

Kids quickly fall in love with the Baffle Hybrid boots and they could have been a real hit. But we do have some doubts about them. The rubber strip that goes around the edge of the boot starts to come away after only a few months of use. No leakage has occurred but it looks bad, and mud and dirt often get stuck in the cracks.

For children who have even the slightest tendency to not putting their feet down straight, the Tretorn Baffle Hybrid provides far too little support for the foot. And once the foot has started to end up a little outside the sole, so the child partially steps on the inside of the boot shaft, the movement is reinforced more and more with time. The Baffle Hybrid is a boot you want to love, but after a short season of use they look several tough years old, and it’s not possible to justify the high price.

Soft and cosylightweightwarm lining
Unstable shapethe rubber strip comes away quicklyalways look dirty

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All about Wellington boots

We’ve tested Wellington boots as well as other boots for children that are intended for use when it’s wet but not particularly cold. All of these boots are therefore unlined. Our test subjects were a number of children aged 1 to 6 years, and the boots were used by the children in their everyday lives. The boots have been worn at preschool and school, as well as at home and on trips away from home. We tested a number of pairs of each type, to ensure that the results we got didn’t depend on a single faulty pair.

Important parameters in our boot test are the shape of the boot, what the size is like and how easy it is for a child to put on and take off. We also tested to see how well the boot resists wear, both on the underside and on the top. Of course, we also checked to see whether the boot is waterproof, how easy the boots are to clean and how they are affected by wear and tear. As these tests are ongoing, we’ll keep an eye out for things like a tendency to crack where they crease when the child walks in them, or whether the rubber starts to dry out. We’ve also looked at how the colour resists sun bleaching and what the inside of the boot looks like after a period of use. In addition, we looked at the price of the boots in relation to function, as well as the general design and feeling of quality.

We carry out all our tests in real life, as the boots are intended to be used.

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