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New achievement - the Senior badge!

AlbinEriksson has been a member for six months and therefore received the Senior badge.

6 months ago

New achievement - the Likeable badge!

AlbinEriksson is a valued member. When others like the reviews you write on the site, you earn the Likeable badge.

a year ago

AlbinEriksson is now at level 7!

With reviews on both products and retailers, AlbinEriksson is a real star on consumer information!

a year ago

AlbinEriksson is at level 6!

At PriceRunner you can easily benefit from the knowledge of others. Ask a question about a product that AlbinEriksson has left a review on.

a year ago

AlbinEriksson is now at level 5!

AlbinEriksson is halfway to the top and now one of the site's more active members. Maybe you've already seen the username in a review somewhere?

a year ago

AlbinEriksson has reached level 4!

Learn from other's experiences and see which retailers AlbinEriksson recommends others to shop at.

a year ago

New level of the Product Expert badge!

AlbinEriksson has published so many product reviews that the Product Expert badge has reached the next level.

a year ago

AlbinEriksson is now at level 3!

Help others reach the next level by liking their best reviews.

a year ago

New achievement - the Product Expert badge!

AlbinEriksson has helped other members by posting a product review and has therefore earned the Product Expert badge.

a year ago

AlbinEriksson is now at level 2!

Take the opportunity to check out the reviews and comments that AlbinEriksson has written so far. Maybe you'll find a new favourite product?

a year ago