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Anna Lavfors


I’ve been a certified stroller and pram nerd since 2008 and am also a mother to 4 kids born in 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2017, respectively. I currently live in Bagarmossen in southern Stockholm, Sweden.

Since August 2011, I’ve been running my blog “Allt om barnvagnar” (”Everything about strollers”), where I write and report stoller news and write reviews on many strollers and different accessories for them. I’ve tested load of strollers, footmuffs to wool seat-cushions and beyond. I’m also the founder of the Swedish Facebook group "Barnvagnar!" (“Strollers!”), which as of spring 2020 has around 55,000 members and is arguably one of the biggest stroller forums in Nordic Europe.

I’m well versed in the area of baby and children’s products and have been able to assess all kinds of products geared towards kids and their parents, both as a private individual and as an expert review and editor at PriceRunner. In my role as an expert, I’ve also been interviewed by several newspapers, magazines, podcasts and TV programmes.

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