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I currently work as an editor within the Content team here at PriceRunner. I have a background and education as a journalist and have done freelance work for many years across diverse newspapers and magazines. In the Content team, my responsibility is writing expert reviews and other editorial material.

At PriceRunner, I spend quite a bit of time clicking my way around the categories for gaming consoles, board games and I of course never buy anything without comparing prices first. My last big purchase was a vacuum cleaner from Dyson, which I ended up making a move on buying after seeing it on PriceRunner and that it was discounted on Elgiganten. That’s a concrete example of how one can save a lot of money by comparing prices beforehand!

Another useful feature we have on PriceRunner is being able to compare different product specifications. When I was looking to get a new gas-powered grill, it was a very practical tool for me to get a great overview of the products I wanted to choose between and what differentiates them from one another.

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