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I am your standard tech nerd, interested in everything between computers, phones to electric skateboards. Employed by PriceRunner as a Category Specialist, in charge of the computer and phone-related categories on the site, and my two chili plants at the office.

When I'm not not reading reviews about new phones and computer parts, I usually spend most of my time playing CSGO and Path of Exile, while neglecting my cleaning duties at home.

While not at the computer – I enjoy riding different kinds of planks sideways. Snowboarding during the winter, electric longboards during the summer. It’s become a quite common occurrence that I show up to the office with a new fracture or injury.

Anyways, as I said, I’m quite tech savvy. I’ve been building computers since my early teens, so you can basically see me as a resource to help guide you with finding the best parts for your computer, find the best mouse for you, so you can hit those 360 noscope headshots, or just simply figure out if you should get an Android- or an iPhone.

Why did you start working for PriceRunner?

Honestly, I really enjoy researching about products. I’ll dig really deep regardless of what type of product I’m buying. You’ll never see me make a half-assed purchase. PriceRunner allows me to use this skill and help others with it as well.

Unless it’s something boring, like socks. I buy cheap socks, black ones, one for each foot.

What’s your darkest secret?

I’ve never used an ESD-strap while building a computer, because I’m an idiot.

Why are you writing this in English?

Because I want Google to like me.

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