How to stay cool in the heat!

Kaelan Robinson

There's currently a lot of interest in our air treatment category with the summer heat now here, many are investing in air conditioning to cool off and beat the heat. We're here to help!

Table fans in all their glory sometimes just don't cut it when the summer heat becomes unbearable. The solution can be to simply buy an air conditioner or air cooler, but what things should you think about to make sure you choose the right one for you? We'll run through some tips on things to consider before you buy.

3 simple things to look out for

  1. Choose a sound level that is comfortable for you

    Nobody likes a noisy machine, always see if you can find models that are quiet (preferably one that runs at 50 dB or lower).

  2. Calculate how much it cools

    Calculate about 80 watts per square metre. For a room of 40 square metres, an air conditioner should be able to handle 3,500 watts.

  3. Remember the space you're working with

    Choose a machine with the amount of space you want to keep cool in mind.

What should you choose - an air conditioner or air cooler?

There are several benefits and drawbacks to consider with both air conditioners and air coolers, which is exactly why it's important to compare them and think about which solution will suit you most well. If it isn't a large space you want to cool, then a nifty air cooler might be just what you're after. If you want to cool the whole house, then air conditioners are what you should be looking at. Let's do a side by side comparison and go through the down- and upsides of both.

Air Conditioners


  • Even temperature distribution
  • Can handle cooling larger spaces
  • Can be set to very low temperatures
  • Lower electricity consumption


  • Sometimes require installation
  • Often large and unsightly
  • Requires adequate ventilation in order to work properly

Air Coolers


  • No installation required
  • Fast and works very well in cooling smaller spaces
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Doesn't offer same level of cooling as an air conditioner
  • Spot cooling (in other words, uneven temperatures distribution)

Portable or fixed air conditioning?

This depends on how large your home space is and the unique conditions of your home environment. Needless to say, your purchase should be made with this in mind. Portable solutions have wheels, are often cheaper and don't require installation. These can be a great option for spaces around 30-40 square metres. That said, they can often be a bit loud and aren't as effective at cooling generally speaking.

Many would say the best option is installing a fixed AC unit, which isn't feasible for everyone. Not only does this cost more, but it also requires a certified installation, but the long-term benefit is that you get more bang for your buck. Make sure to do your due diligence and planning before buying a fixed AC unit because in some cases you may need to some drilling for wires or tubes that exchange warm air outside into the unit to be cooled.

Split solutions are the most popular, which means one part indoors and one outside. The upside with this is that the noise level is reduced significantly, with single solutions, you usually need to vent the hot air through an open window or doorway (eg. via hanging a hose or tube).

Take a look at some great air conditioners down below or go to all our air conditioners here.

Dyson AM07
200+ watching

Dyson AM07



Igenix IG9703

Igenix IG9703

Arctic Air Personal Space Cooler

Arctic Air Personal Space Cooler



DeLonghi PAC EX100 Silent

DeLonghi PAC EX100 Silent



DeLonghi PAC EX120

DeLonghi PAC EX120

ElectrIQ P18HP

ElectrIQ P18HP

Benross Portable Air Cooler 60W

Benross Portable Air Cooler 60W





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