The toy shortage - why Christmas toys are selling out early

Zara Andrén

Updated October 26, 2021

Big problems with HGV drivers, a shipping crisis and a shortage of components is hardly breaking news at this point. But now, the gifts under your tree might be at risk due to massive delays expected on toy deliveries. Of all the toys on PriceRunner’s website, 11% are currently out of stock and things don’t seem to be getting better any time soon. Here are the toys that you should order as soon as possible to make sure you get them in time for Christmas.

The big Christmas toy shortage

With many factors to take into consideration, it all seems to have accumulated as a general shortage of products and supplies into one perfect storm. The more talked-about shortages of the year have mainly been the shortage of graphic cards, game consoles and other electronic products. The less talked about shortage that will probably become more apparent closer to Christmas is the impending shortage of toys, namely within a few specific categories. We always recommend having a considered and long-term perspective when you shop. There is no need to go into a frenzy shopping mode, but keep a lookout for the best bargains and expect longer delivery times on more popular products.

Toys to buy now

Granted there won't be a shortage with all types of toys, but expect to see it with electronic toys, popular products and new releases. The delays in delivery has also resulted in higher shipping costs. So if your kids have any of the following items on their wish list, we'd suggest not waiting too long as retailers are already struggling to fill the shelves.

  1. Barbie

    The iconic toy that has been around since 1959 is just as popular as ever. Today however Barbie is so much more than just dolls, with tons of products ranging from the classic Malibu house, to the Dream camper. Both currently have hundreds of price alerts set on them, speaking to the demand of the product. The Barbie producers Mattel have already raised the prices on some products so make sure to check the price history as well.

  2. LEGO

    Even LEGO can't escape the high demand, it's mainly the newer releases and advent calendars that might be difficult to get your hands on. Themed LEGO's are also very popular with the Star Wars and Harry Potter editions likely to sell out quickly. DUPLO, which is LEGO but aimed at toddlers is also very popular and sought after.

  3. Electric toy vehicles

    The much loved mini electric cars have become extremely popular in the past few years. Unfortunately due to the mini cars many electrical components this will be one of the products that may experience severe delays as well as limited availability due to component shortage during production. Popular models such as Audi and Mercedes are likely to quickly go out of stock.

  4. Remote controlled toys

    It's not only the bigger electrical toys that are experiencing a shortage, even smaller remote controlled toys are likely to have a longer delivery time and might quickly run out of stock. If you're planning on buying from one of the more popular brands such as Nikko and HPI Racing, it might be good to buy them relatively soon.

Popular toys this year

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Barbie DreamHouse

Barbie DreamHouse

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