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Top Kitchen Renovation Products for the Cost-Conscious Home Chef

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Updated October 1, 2020

Are you renovating your kitchen but don’t want to blow the budget? Check out our guide on how to get the top kitchen products that will really make a difference.

The kitchen is the room of the house where we spend a significant amount of time. If you’re the family chef, you’re going to spend even longer in the kitchen that those of us who just like to raid the fridge when nobody is looking.

Unfortunately, renovating your kitchen can be extremely expensive. If you’re not careful with your budget, you’ll find the total cost running over by thousands of pounds. The better news is that it’s possible to have the best products without spending a small fortune.

Get your finger ready and prepare to scroll down to reveal three of the best kitchen products that you don’t have to overspend on – and how.

1. Ovens and Cooktops

Ovens and cooktops are probably the most used equipment in your kitchen, so if you’re renovating, this is your chance to get exactly what you need.

Think about what you use the most, and what your frustrations are. Are you constantly irritated by the lack of capacity on your cooktop? Do you need more space in your oven? This will help to determine where to spend your money for maximum personal benefit.

Buying a combined stove and cooktop can often be the most economical but you might not find exactly what you need. Getting lots of space on your cooktop means getting a large oven as well, which might be a waste.

Alternatively, buying a separate cooktop and oven means you can choose to get a small or large cooktop or oven which is tailored precisely to your needs. This also means that you spend the money on what’s important for you, rather than shelling out for a large oven/cooktop that you’re not really going to take full advantage of.

2. Extractor Fans

Extractor fans, also known as extractor hoods, play an important role in the hygiene of your kitchen. They get rid of excess condensation, heat, fumes and odours, improving the quality of the air inside.

If you’ve never renovated your kitchen before, you’ve probably never given much thought to your extractor fan. However, there are different designs available so you can pick one which not only does the job but is stylish too.

The size of the extractor fan will influence the cost. This is a factor that’s important to get right; an extractor fan that’s too small won’t be able to get rid of the smells and smoke.

The type of cooktop will determine the size of the extractor fan you need. If you have an induction cooktop, the extractor fan will need to be wider than the hob. This is because cooking vapours travel sideways as well as upwards.

In contrast, if you have a gas cooktop, the extractor fan can be smaller. This is because on a gas hob, the cooking vapours mimic a candle effect, moving upwards before spreading out.

Aside from size and function, you can choose the type of extractor fan too. Some are designed to be virtually invisible, blending in seamlessly with your kitchen decor. Others are deliberately striking and can be a focal point that’s very attractive. All are available at various price points, giving you the option to pick one to suit your budget.

3. Microwaves

You might be under the impression that no self-respecting chef would use a microwave, but they come with a surprising array of uses. While you might not be whipping up a whole meal from scratch in the microwave, it can add another dimension to cooking and baking.

For example, placing lemons or limes in the microwave before juicing means you’ll be able to squeeze out much more delicious juice. You can also nuke fresh herbs in the microwave; this dries them out so you can create a herb powder for blending into dishes.

Convinced yet? Microwaves are a kitchen essential whether you’re just warming up some milk or in the middle of a creative masterpiece.

There are lots of different microwaves available to buy, starting with the basic models and rising up to top of the range, multifunctional designs. Before you splurge, consider what functions you really need - and what you would use.

A microwave with a combined grill might save you splashing out on a large grill elsewhere in the kitchen, saving you significant cash, saving space and adding convenience. However, if you rarely use the grill and you already have one integrated with your oven, there’s no point paying out more money for something you don’t need.

One feature that could be worth investing in if you use your microwave for a range of foods is auto cook. This smart function automatically adjusts power and cooking times by using humidity detection.

Finally, the aesthetics of the microwave should also be considered. A stainless-steel exterior instantly looks more sophisticated and won’t detract from the overall design of your kitchen. Alternatively, if your kitchen has a retro theme, a coloured microwave is an excellent choice, contributing to the funky vibe rather than being the party-pooper in the corner!

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