Unique gifts for Father's Day

Matilda Hansson

Sunday June 16th is Father's Day, so show the father in your life how much they mean to you with a great gift. But finding the right gift can be difficult, so here is some inspiration to help you along the way and make sure the they have a great day!

There is no-one-fits-all

This Sunday the 19th of June is Father's Day and if you're having a bit of trouble thinking up what to get them for fathers day don't worry we have some great ideas that are sure to fit all fathers. Since all fathers are unique here are a range of ideas on what to get the father in your life for fathers day.

The tech nerd

If he's into electronics and gadgets you're in luck! This is probably the one category with the widest range of products with everything from new releases to older models that are still great and you can find things for all different types of budgets. What about the Sony WH-1000XM5, or if you want to make it a bit smarter we'd opt for a smart speaker. If you really want to get the best gift giver of the year award and are ready to go all out then why not get them a TV, so they can enjoy all their favourite shows and games.

Sony WH-1000XM5

1. Sony WH-1000XM5

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Apple AirPods Max

2. Apple AirPods Max

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Sony Pulse 3D Wireless (PS5)

3. Sony Pulse 3D Wireless (PS5)

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Amazon Echo Dot 5th Generation

4. Amazon Echo Dot 5th Generation

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Google Nest Audio

5. Google Nest Audio

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Hisense 50A6KTUK

6. Hisense 50A6KTUK

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LG 43LQ60006LA

7. LG 43LQ60006LA

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The father of fashion

Is he a real fashionista? Then there are plenty of great choices! If they're always eyeing up the latest trends and pieces then getting them some nice fashion pieces are a great option. If they're not too fussy then you can never go wrong with a classic button up shirt or a fun tie. Why not also get them some trimming equipment to keep that stylish dad beard under control. To top it all off you can never go wrong with a great scent - it's a great long lasting gift that has great sentiment.

The chef

Do they love cooking? Then the obvious choice is to get some great new accessories for the kitchen or some cool things that they can compliment their grill setup with. Make sure that they're dressed for the nines with some stylish aprons, there are both some classic fabric ones as well as some cool and bold leather aprons.

The exerciser

If they like to get their pulse racing and can't function properly without their daily run, then they need a heart monitor to keep track of those vitals while running. Are they already fully equipped? Then you can never go wrong with some running clothes or a pair of runners, since chances are that they're frequently wearing out the pair they have.

The self proclaimed nerd

If he has more of a nerdy streak, great! There are so many great gifts to give your favourite nerd. How about all things Dungeons & Dragons related or if they haven't tried it before then why not get them the players handbook. Any video game really is a great choice if he's a gamer, you can find out which new releases are coming soon here. If he is an avid crafter there are plenty of choices to choose from in the model building category and makes for many hours of fun.

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