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How to avoid purchases you'll regret during Black Friday

ByKaelan RobinsonUpdated November 27, 2019

It's very easy to get caught up in the shopping-frenzy of Black Friday and many Britons admit to making purchases they later come to regret. Here are some solid tips on how to keep calm and carry on with your deal hunting and shopping without regrets!

Tips to avoid purchases you'll regret later

1. Make yourself a shopping list beforehand

It's often the spontaneous purchases one makes that can later lead to regret. Therefore, consider the things you need and write them down beforehand, so that you don't fall prey to impulse purchases. It's all well and good to buy a blender at a 70% discount, but if you usually eat a full-English in the mornings and can't even remember the last time you had a smoothie, it may not be the best purchase to make if it's just going to end up sitting in your kitchen cupboard.

2. Buy only the things you know will be useful

Try to avoid making purchases where you're not completely certain if the product in question is fit for your purposes. This can apply to product size, design, specs and many other elements, so be sure to do your research when preparing. Clothing products are often at the top of the list of regret purchases for many. Perhaps because the winter boots they bought have a no-return policy attached to them and were just a little too small for the one they were purchased for? Or maybe they struck fast in buying an radiant ballroom dress, despite not having any current or future balls to attend where one could actually wear it?

These are just some examples of course, but they demonstrate why it's important to think about and keep in mind how the usefulness of potential purchases beforehand!

3. Don't buy something just for the sake of it being on sale

It is certainly not uncommon for people to buy things they already have during Black Friday for the sole reason that they find it at better prices. There are exceptions to this rule though - for example with finding great deals on buying things you use regularly, such as toothpaste or dishwasher tablets. However, it's important to remember that buying something you already have just because you've found it at great price on sale isn't a winning idea - not for your wallet or the environment!

Black Friday 2018's most popular products

Looking for inspiration on what to buy or what may be a great deal during Black Friday this year? Below you'll find a list of the top products from Black Friday 2018. With many of these products now being older models from last year, these are often earmarked for the biggest price reductions. We may not see a huge discount on the new Apple iPhone 11 on Black Friday 2019, but perhaps there might be something in store for the iPhone X?

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