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Checklist: New Coffee Maker Purchase Tips

ByPriceRunner Updated November 18, 2019

What makes a great cup of coffee may be a question of taste for many, but what makes a great coffee maker is a little easier to identify and agree upon.

A beloved worldwide tradition

Making coffee has been a staple tradition all over the world for several hundred years and the methods used to make coffee can vary quite noticeably, depending on which country or region one finds themselves in. In the UK, instant coffee and electric filter coffee machines have been the preferred method of household coffee making for Britons for much of modern history, even though espresso machines in the home have markedly increased in popularity.

Classics in British Kitchens

The advantage of a classic filter coffee machine is naturally its price, flexibility and longevity. Even so, the price can vary greatly from a few pounds to several hundred pounds and of course, there are differences in both quality and taste between these coffee makers. At the end of the day, it's most important to decide which result you, yourself are looking to get from your coffee maker and what price range you are willing to work with for buying one.

Important aspects to think about

Aside from the final result; how the coffee tastes, there are some different aspects of coffee makers that are important to consider. For example, temperature and brewing time, which can both affect the the taste of your cup of coffee in different ways. You should think about which characteristics work well for you and choose a coffee maker that suits your lifestyle.

If you're someone who wants a cup of java as fast as possible in your morning haziness, for example, a coffee maker with a short brewing time can make your morning. The temperature your coffee is brewed at in order to be "drinkable" is entirely an individual preference. Therefore, it's advisable to choose a model that allows for brewing temperature adjustment so you can brew coffee that works well for you, friends popping by for a visit and the rest of the family.

The difference between budget and premium

In layman's terms, the biggest difference between the more expensive and cost-friendly models is what is underneath the exterior of the coffee maker. More budget friendly models often tend to use a simple aluminium heating component, which do not work very efficiently and take longer to heat up and can also result in inconsistent brewing temperatures.

Premium models on the other hand, often have a heating component made of copper/brass which is much more efficient, both in terms of heating time/speed and delivering consistent brewing temperatures. The faster the water is heated, the better the flavour extraction from the coffee will be, which is essential for optimal brewing and taste.

The cheapest models often use plastic as the exterior material, while metal dominates the premium class of coffee makers, giving them broader longevity as well. Then of course, there's all the design and bells and whistles elements that play a part in the buying price.

Find your brewing balance

The art of coffee-making the right way, regardless of the brewing method, involves one finding a good balance between temperature, and time, along with the volume of coffee and water used. If you are able to nail the balance your proportions of coffee and water, the coffee maker will take care of the rest and many of these coffee makers will assuredly give you fantastic, stunning cup of coffee!

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