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Top List: The 10 most popular garden power tools right now (2020)

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Updated May 19, 2020

Nothing says vacation more than finally being able to devote yourself to that endless but ever so gratifying garden work. Right now a lot of people are looking for grass and hedge trimmers. But what should you think about when buying a trimmer, to avoid those annoying situations that only a bad buy can induce?

3 things to think about when buying a grass trimmer

  • How long is the battery time?
  • Can the trimmer's length be extended from the shaft and can the head of the trimmer be set in different positions?
  • Can the trimmer handle thick grass?

3 things to think about when buying a hedge trimmer

  • What thickness of bush can the hedge trimmer work with?
  • Does it feel heavy or more ergonomic in the hand?
  • What built-in safety features does the hedge trimmer have?

But it's not only trimmers that attracts all the sun craving garden owners. Below you’ll find the top ten most popular garden tools right now.

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