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New Features on PriceRunner

ByPriceRunner Updated October 21, 2019

We're thrilled to share some awesome new PriceRunner features with you! Features that we think will make this shopping season all the more convenient and fun for you. Learn about what perks come with these features and how they can help you with all your shopping needs.

Made Just for You

Historical Pricing Graphs

The historical price graph is a nifty tool that helps you see how the product you want has been priced in the past. For example, it can show you what the product you are looking at costed a week, month or even a year ago. This tool is a great visual guide to quickly help you decide if today's price is the best opportunity or if you should wait a little longer.

So if you stumble upon a campaign with super deals - be sure to use this neat tool which will show if the deal you're looking at actually is a real deal.

Price Alerts

Have you ever wanted to know exactly when the best time is to buy the product you want at the best possible price for you? Well, with PriceRunner price alerts you can do just that. By setting price alerts, when the price of that product drops - voila, you're the first to know with a notification sent to you!

A wanted product that's trending right now is the new iPhone 11 - why don't you try setting a price alert for it to know when it drops in price?

Favourites Lists

Keep track of your favourite items easily anytime and anywhere by simply marking them as favourites. Once you favourite a product, you can easily find it on your PriceRunner Profile page. Perfect for when you're brainstorming gift ideas or perhaps new products for the renovation project.

The holiday season is upon us - why don't you get started on your wish list and collect all your favourite products? Perhaps you'd like a new pair of headphones?

Rate Products & Leave Reviews

Now you can easily write and post reviews on products and let friends and others know what you think about your latest purchases! Sharing is caring and telling about your experience with the product is of great value to those who are thinking of purchasing it.

Ask Us Questions

Got something you want to ask about a specific product? Perhaps you're wondering how long the AirPods last until you have to charge them again? Or how tough a certain suitcase is for air travels?

Now you can post questions on our site and get answers from knowledgeable users or our own product specialists.

More for Members

Our lovely members get access to all these features and more - plus it's free to sign up, so why not give these new features a go?<

Test everything out!

Check out these 10 trending items on our site that we've selected for you to test out all our new features with. You might even find a great deal. See how you like them all and let us know what you think!

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