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How to recycle hand sanitisers and similar items

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Updated March 17, 2020

The spread of the flu and other illnesses all over the world has increased the global use of medicinal products very significantly. At hospitals and healthcare facilities, people usually know how to dispose of old or expired medications and medical items that have been used. But how does this apply to private individuals?

How to safely dispose of hand sanitiser

When hand sanitisers have sold out, one would usually assume that means that they'll all actually get used. So what happens to all the used bottles sanitisers come in? If the container is completely empty, you can usually group this in with your plastic waste items and this applies to both the container itself and the pump, assuming the bottle has one. Since hand sanitisers are easily flammable, empty bottles or containers should be rinsed before placing it into your plastic rubbish bin.

What do you do with expired disinfectants?

Yes, hand sanitisers and disinfectants can expire. In the event you have some expired sanitisers or disinfectant products, you should be conscious of properly disposing of them. If the container is partially full, the liquid is considered dangerous waste and should not be thrown into the rubbish carelessly. Instead it should be taken to the nearest recycling station near your home or workplace.

How to dispose of used face masks

A used face mask that isn't intended for multiple uses should be sorted and placed in your general non-recycle waste bin.

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