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5 tips to make your running a bit more fun

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Updated May 28, 2020

Are you not feeling going on a run today? There are a few things you can do to make things a bit easier. You could contact a personal trainer who will scream and yell at you until you get off the couch. If that’s not your cup of tea, maybe you should consider these 5 products instead, and make that run a bit more fun.

Stretching for running

Yes, it should be a comfortable solution but nobody else can do your running for you. Assuming you want to reap the benefits like better fitness and overall improved wellbeing, that is! Embracing the comfort of your comfy, soft sofa can be all too tempting for those who know firsthand that the first running sessions can be a real chore. So how does one find the motivation to get started?

5 things to boost your run

1. Go fast with fast shoes

Wearing shoes that are too small, too worn out, or so old that they have lost all the bounce and support, is not a good foundation to build your running on. And if the rest of these products are things that you can do without, we can all agree that shoes are pretty necessary when running. Tip: Go with some flashy colours! We don’t actually have any science to back this up, but it does feel like your are going faster in neon.

2. Stylish running clothes

Maybe it’s just placebo, but most of us would agree that some stylish clothes makes the getting out part a lot easier. Fashion isn’t everything though. If you are a late night runner, don’t forget to max out on the reflexes! Planning on running the London Marathon with some festive flair? If so, you can definitely don a viking hat for your training jogs as well!

3. Running and GPS watches

Are you a stat chaser? Then a pulse watch with a built in GPS is a must. Plan your routes, compete against yourself and know exactly how steep that next climb will be. Are you a true competitor? Try finding someone likeminded and compare your efforts. Nothing is as motivating than the opportunity to beat your neighbour Simon’s 5k pr. Tip: Sync your running watch to training apps like “Strava” and start competing with other runners in your area.

4. Smart wireless headphones

Some people prefer the sounds of the city, the silence of nature. Others want to be able to blast their favourite music on the exact right BPM to get that extra boost in energy. Listening to music while running is of course easier with wireless headphones. Some people even use the app “Zombies, Run!” to get that extra push. If you prefer running without zombies breathing down your neck, you can of course also embrace your intellectual side and dive down in podcast or e-book.

5. Running belt for your phone

If you aren’t a manic stat chaser, your phone works just fine for tracking your efforts. Do yourself a favour and stop carrying it in your hand. Invest in a running belt which often can store other things as well.

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