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Expert tips: Tech products to watch out for on Black Friday

ByKaelan RobinsonUpdated November 28, 2019

Electronics are one of the most popular type of items during Black Friday with a whole lot of amazing offers. What should you keep an eye out more specifically? Don't worry - we're here to help!

There's usually a whole lot of sales that take place during Black Week and on Black Friday when it comes to tech-products. However, they don't follow the same pattern as other types of products during the same period. Don't count on any huge price reductions on the newest mobiles released in the year, such as the newest iPhone from Apple, for example.

Sure, brand new products can definitely be found at a reduced price but they're usually smaller than expected in the whirlwind of sales. Your best bet and tactic for finding major price reductions is to have control over where you are looking.


It doesn't matter if they're wireless or not, over-ear or in-ear, there are usually lots of offers to keep an eye on for earphones. Earphones were actually the product category with the the most amount of offers during Black Week. Both large, well-known brand and smaller players alike often present themselves with a price reduction opportunity, especially when you keep an eye on what is cost previously - then you're really set up to save big!

Earphones we hope to see on sale: Apple Airpods, Bose Quietcomfort, Sony WF-1000XM3

Smart Lighting

Do you want to brighten up your home in a smarter fashion, or maybe to be eco-conscious? If so, smart lighting tends to be a great shopping item during Black Friday. Many models of smart lights/lamps tend to drop dramatically in price. Last year alone, the prices in the category Lighting on PriceRunner fell by 24% on average last year during Black Friday, so there's a good chance of finding amazing deals on smart lighting as well this year!

Another think you can keep an eye out for is a starter kit, with a pair of lights and a controller. Even if you already have a controller at home, the starter kits are often reduced so that they are cheaper than buying the lights separately.

*Products to keep an eye out for: Phillips Hue starter kit (white & colourw/ GU10 base

Video Games

Are video games really considered electronics? Well, the answer is certainly yes if you have any interest in playing games on PC or on gaming consoles like the PlayStation. There is an astonishing amount of offer on games during the Black Week event and prices on games sink well below what they usually cost. Also keep an eye on the digital stores, which also often have great sales.

In 2018, nearly half of all video games (47% of those found on PriceRunner) had an average sales reduction figure of 39% off the original price. The chance of finding great deal on video games during Black Friday feels palpably likely!

Big names to keep an eye out of on sale: The Witcher 3, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Outer Worlds


Do you need some wireless speakers for your beach excursions in the coming year? The good news is that speakers are definitely something you can find a great deal on during Black Friday. The discounts are cast rather wide and can range quite a bit between different speakers at this time, even if it is bluetooth speakers that tend to be front and centre during sales.

The likelihood of finding speakers on sale during Black Friday is huge with every fifth speaker being discounted by 28% on average.

Some smaller speakers to watch out for: JBL Charge 3, Bose Soundlink Revolve, Google Home Mini

Mobile Phones

You maybe won't find the world's greatest deal on a new iPhone 11 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10, but if you're in the market for a phone that isn't the newest and most expensive, there are plenty of deals to be found. Top models that have been released during Spring, along with those from the previous year are usually found at great discounts. More middle-of-the-road and budget options are also sold at notable price reductions.

With iPhones for example, there's a notable pattern in their pricing - the first price reductions come around Black Friday with large stores tending to use them as a flagship exclusive offer to attract customers; usually with a 15-20% discount.

Be on the lookout for these: Samsung Galaxy S10 (along with the S10e & S10+), Huawei P20 Pro


With these, it's important to keep one's expectations grounded. You might not find the newest Microsoft Surface laptop model or a brand new Macbook with a huge discount, but do keep an eye out for the hidden gems among laptop models. Many laptops are put on sale, and some of them often get huge markdowns on their price. If you have a good handle on what you're looking for and where you're looking for it, you may just save big! Be sure to take a look at PriceRunner's historical pricing graphs for your laptop of choice - that way you'll have a better idea of it will be prime time for a notable discount.

Mobile Accessories

A new mobile case, charger or charging cable might not be the most exciting thing to shop for, but they usually are sold in droves at great prices on Black Friday, so you can find great deals on accessories for you mobile!

Have a look at all the mobile accessories out there: Mobile cases, Wireless chargers & Charging cables

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