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Top List: The 10 most popular thermometers right now (2020)

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Updated March 3, 2020

Sure, one can go a long way with placing a hand on someone's warm forehead to gauge if they have a fever, but a good thermometer is a must for any medicine cabinet - especially during flu and sick seasons. How does one know which thermometer is the best?

The variety of thermometers is fairly large, everything from the most simple models to more advanced bits of gear that can scan the temperature on the surface of your cup of tea; so which thermometers should you set your sights on? In this top list we'll show you the most popular forms of thermometers one can find and we've also tested several of the.

At PriceRunner, we do product tests on a wide variety of products as they are intended to be used in reality, with the intention being that we get the same authentic experience that all consumers have when using products. In our test of thermometers, normal families used the different models we selected with some added input of a licensed nurse regarding the measurements, functions and hygiene of each model.

Which type of thermometer should you choose?

There are many type of thermometers, some take the temperature through use via different methods. How the measurements work can cepend on the type of thermometer itself, how well it is suited to different types of use and the intended user.

  • Rectal thermometers This is used primarily for babies and very small children and reads the temperature by being placed carefully into the rectum. This method usually provides a swift measurement with reliable results.

  • Ear thermometers This is perhaps one of the most popular forms of thermometers; uncomplicated to use and easy to use amongst different family members of varying ages.

  • Forehead thermometers A thermometer that is growing in popularity and is become more commonly used. All it requires if for the person who is feeling ill to hold their head still whilst the thermometer reads their skin surface temperature.

  • Mouth and Armpit thermometers Easy to use but a bit more time consumptive. Measuring temperature via the armpit isn't the best option for those who want fast results and fever measurements.

Which thermometer is the best?

In order to make a smart purchase, you should preferably choose a thermometer that has a replaceable battery. That way you ensure the thermometer you'll use will get many years worth of use. The batteries can of course be your ordinary batteries so that you can swiftly pop in new ones when the old ones run out of juice. Exactly what makes the thermometer better or not depends largely on the intended user.

For smaller children, ear thermometers are often recommended but be sure to choose one that has a small tip so that it can even for work those that have the smallest of ears. Another factor to keep an eye on is how well you maintain the hygiene of these thermometers and/or if they come with refills.

If you're sensitive about inserting things into your ears, then a forehead thermometer that is able to measure temperatures with a bit of distance is a great option. As a bonus, these no-touch thermometers often are used to help you gauge how warm a bottle of baby's milk or formula is or temperature of their bath water.

Test-winning thermometers

In PriceRunner's test of thermometers, the Braun NFT3000 was named as our best choice, due to its ease of use, a clear, functional display and it's silent mode, which allows you to read your child's temperature without waking them.

Two other thermometers worthy of mentions are the Omron Gentle Temp 521 ear-thermometer and the Omron Gentle Temp 720 forehead thermometer. Regardless of the model one chooses, the Omron thermometers offer smooth, efficient and fast measurements that are easy to understand.

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