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Get yourself ready for Ugly Christmas Jumper Day!

Updated December 12, 2019

The 20th of December is Ugly Christmas Jumper Day, which means it's a good time time to get out the most bizarrely colourful Christmas jumper! Don't already have one? No need to worry, there's still time to grab one before your Ugly Christmas jumper party.

If you have seen the classic Christmas film "Bridget Jones' Diary", you'll surely remember the scene where Bridget mocks Mr. Darcy for the horrendous Christmas jumper he is wearing - and that was that! During the past few years, ugly Christmas jumpers have become rather popular and trendy, so much so that there is even a day dedicated to wearing them. Ugly Christmas Jumper Day falls on the 20th of December but why just limit it to the 20th?

At many offices and workplaces, it has become quite trendy to introduce Christmas Jumper Friday, during which employees and colleagues compete to see who can don the most ugly sweater. The rule of thumb is the uglier, the better!

Get your very own ugly Christmas jumper.

A few years ago, it was actually somewhat challenging to get lucky with finding good ugly Christmas jumpers but that isn't the case today. Online it is super easy to find loads of them, even large fashion brands sell their own ugly Christmas jumpers and you can even find specialised pop-up vendors that specifically sell these wonderfully atrocious-looking jumpers. As if that wasn't enough, it's also very easy to find great deals on second-hand Christmas jumpers, as many are handed over to second-hand stores as the season comes to a close.

There are loads of different styles to choose from: cute, ugly, nerdy, simple, super elaborate with graphics and design, or even lights and other accessories, if you fancy going the extra mile. If you don't find anything flashy enough for your liking, you can even decorate your own with the help of some simple decorations you can find at the nearest arts and crafts shop, your imagination is your only limitation!

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