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Here's When To Buy Your New iPhone!

ByPriceRunner Updated November 14, 2019

Whenever Apple releases updated models of their mobiles, there are many who clamour in excitement to be among the first who have the newest phone. Whilst there may be some sense of satisfaction one gets from being the first, it's often not economically a wise move to make. PriceRunner's historical pricing analysis shows that it pays off when you hold off on buying an iPhone and wait for the first price reduction on the newest models around Black Friday.

Good things come to those who wait...

Are you one of those folks who really starts itching for a new phone when iPhone news is released? If so, check out this historical pricing analysis of iPhones by PriceRunner. You can end up shopping smarter and saving around 20% or more on your purchase, if you know when to make your move.

If you don't feel that you need the newest phone model, always keep an eye out for the release of a new iPhone model if you're thinking of buying one of the previous ones. The iPhone 8 has already dropped significantly in its price since it was first released and more price reductions are bound to come.

Pro Tip: Set a Price Alert

Set a Price Alert on the iPhone that you're interested in buying and you'll get notified when its price has fallen - rather smooth and simple, wouldn't you say? With Price Alerts, you can easily keep an eye on your favourite products, plan and act when the price is right and the opportunity presents itself. Shopping smart and saving has never been easier!

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