This Sandwich-Wrap Hack Is Going Viral On TikTok - and it might be the smartest thing ever!

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Updated January 25, 2021

This viral TikTok trend has been taking the world by storm! And we guarantee you'll never eat wraps any other way again.

What's the hype about?

The idea of this trend is relatively simple, but the ingenuity ensures that you get the ultimate distribution in your wrap as well as ensures a mess-free composition. The trend seems to be developing beyond a momentary thing into an actual thing that people incorporate into their day to day lives.

How to do it:

  1. Collect your ingredients

    You will need some sort of flat bread, tortilla's are the most popular choice but many have used other similar ingredients as their base, such as rice paper, seaweed etc. Then choose at least 4 ingredients that you want in your wrap, you can of course choose more depending on personal taste. Many choose to incorporate cheese as this will eventually go into a sandwich toaster.

  2. The assembling

    When you have all your ingredients ready the assembling is very simple. First take you bread and make a cut from the centre to down to one edge of the bread. Then you should divide your four fillings onto four separate quarters of the bread. Keep the cut down and closest to you.

  3. The folding

    Once you've distributed your ingredients it's time to fold. Starting with the bottom left quarter, you will fold it straight up, then you will fold that section to the right and then that section will be folded down and you should end up with a quarter wrap, with intermittent ingredients and bread.

  4. Fire it up

    The final step is to grill your wrap in a sandwich toaster, if you don't have one you can use a waffle maker or a pan. Simply place it on the toaster and wait for it to be lightly toasted or for the cheese to melt, this will vary a bit depending on where you placed the cheese layer, but a few minutes should be enough, but keep an eye on it. Take a look at some great toasters down below.

  5. Bon appetite

    Once your wrap is done in the grill, all left to do is to enjoy your masterpiece!


The varieties are endless as all components are exchangeable, so get creative and find your favourite one!

  • Make it sweet

    Make a dessert variety. Use nutella, banana, ice cream and some crushed nuts for a delicious easily made crepe variety. Or what about some apples dusted with sugar and cinnamon, cookie butter, cookie crumbs and marshmallows for a classic comfort snack!

  • Switch it up

    Use some nori seaweed, rice, fish or crabsticks and some mayo to make a a nice sushi wrap. Or some kimchi, rice, veggies and a protein along with some sesame oil to make a delicious kimbap roll.

What combination do you want to try?

Breville VST041

Breville VST041


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