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Sustainable Lifestyle: Your own small kitchen garden

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Updated March 26, 2020

Are you keen on flavouring your foods with fresh herbs? Instead of buying herbs in plastic pots at the grocery store, fill your window sill with your own blooming herb garden.

Of course you occasionally stand in the kitchen wondering why the herbs you bought at the grocery have started to wilt and die before you were able to make that famous pesto of yours. Using fresh herbs in your food always makes things tasty, but it can be somewhat costly and isn't particularly sustainable when you think about buying the plastic mini-pots they come in on a weekly basis. Fret not however, we've got the best tips on how to grow your own herbs or at the very least make the most out of store bought herbs.

Give your store-bought herbs new life

Sometimes it feels as if those store-bought herbs start wilting before you even make it home after leaving the grocery, however, there's a way to make them last longer. The solution is simple: give them a bigger home.

In order for your herbs to thrive, the first step is to plant them into a larger pot and give them a bit of new soil. When you remove the herbs from their smaller pot, you'll notice that there a lot of roots and only a little bit of soil. In all likelihood, the nutrition from the soil the herbs have been planted in is already spent. So, make sure to re-plant them, give them a bit of room to grow and some new soil to enjoy.

Place them in an area that gets a fair amount of light and read up on how often you should water them. It's crucial to make sure you don't overwater them or let them dry out completely.

Growing herbs from seeds

Fancy becoming your own herb gardener? If so, it's high time you started now! The days are slowly getting longer and if you start planting your seeds now, your kitchen will turn into a fragrant herb garden easily by the time May comes around.

Three things needed for a self-sufficient herb garden

1. Seeds, soil and a pot to place them in

Think about the herbs you wish to grow and whether or not the require seeds. If you're not looking to grow loads of different kinds of seeds, look into seed exchange groups online. Some libraries even have seed banks where you can leave seeds that have come from your plants or take seeds that other have left. Without question you also need pots to plant them in. Using old toilet paper rolls are a great way to assist the cultivation process!

2. Patience

A fair deal of patience is a must-have if you intend on doing your own gardening. Be sure to keep the soil moist with the help of a spray bottle so that you avoid over-watering.

3. Larger pots

Make sure you have some larger pots at home, because before you know it you're going to have a house filled with herbs and you'll want to ensure they have enough room to grow so they are healthy.

If you want healthy herb plants, it might be a good idea to think about how you'll want to maintain them in your home. If you want truly fresh If you have a vacuum seal packer, you can always freeze and pack away your herbs. You can even dry them by setting them in the oven for a while at a low temperature and fill your herb and spice cabinet with some home-made herbs (or give some away as a gift)!

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