Take care of yourself ❤️

It's easy to feel a bit worried and powerless under such unusual circumstances. Many of us can contribute in keeping our communities running smoothy. Whether it's by keeping yourself at home when feeling ill or unwell or setting procedures and protocols for those who aren't sick to avoid undesirable situations, these are things we can easily do individually and as a group. Here we've summarised some guides and tips we hope will help keep you health and safe during this flu-period.

Remember to

  • Keep yourself updated with the latest news, updates and recommendations from the NHS
  • Protect those who are most vulnerable to illnesses - the elderly, young children and those with pre-existing conditions.
  • Think about more than just yourself, don't buy more food items or medical materials than what you and your family need.

How to find the products you're looking for

Inventory status

Right now many are searching for different hygiene products and it can be difficult to find places where they are in stock. Hand sanitiser is highly sought-after at the moment, but even things like single-use gloves and face mask are also tough to find. Speaking of face masks, make sure you read our guide on face masks before you buy one.

Hand sanitiser, face masks and single-use gloves have been very tough to come by because they can assist to varying degrees in preventing the transmission of diseases. On that token, if you're finding it tough to find hand sanitisers in stores, it's still highly effective to wash your hands throughly and frequently with normal hand soap, so there is an alternative.

We at PriceRunner are always working hard to stay updated with the inventory status of all our connected retailers. This is why you can easily see which products are in stock and where you can find them. Use the links below to find the most sought after products at the moment.

Find out more

Take a deep dive into several different topics and learn more about how these different types of products work or whether you can make your own version of something that has been sold-out.

Tips for working from home

Inspiration those who for whatever reason may have to work from home

PriceRunner Buyer Protection

In these times it can feel a bit stressful thinking about buying products that will soon be sold out and cannot be delivered or orders that for one reason or another cannot be completed.

We at PriceRunner want consumers to feel safe when they are shopping with the companies that are our customers. Therefore, we offer registered members with our free PriceRunner Buyers Protection. Simply put, this guarantee means that you as a registered member are protected on purchases of up to £5,000 in the event anything goes wrong or if retailers don't own up to their responsibilities.

Keep an eye out for the Buyer Protection symbol when you're looking out for your favourite products on Pricerunner - then you'll know you have a secure purchase in front of you!

How to use PriceRunner Buyer Protection

Good habits in bad times

Different ways to entertain yourself and the family from home

The saying "there's no place like home" is something ringing true for many right now. Here's where we've gathered ideas for how to help you pass the time and add some interesting and fun excitement within the 4 walls of the house.

Selected tests

Choosing the right product for yourself, for your home or the whole family can sometimes be a challenge. Our independent expert tests ar here to help you out and guide you towards the best choice for you.

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