1. Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable Lifestyle

PriceRunner ‚̧ԳŹ Sustainability

Want to be inspired by a smarter, more sustainable lifestyle? Check out or series with tips about products that are sustainably produced and replace single-use items. We even outline some simple and great tips that can make a big difference for the environment. Feel free to reach out to us if you know of any smart products following this theme!

Smart products we like!

Swap out single-use products for re-usable ones and replace old fashioned inefficiencies with conscious and modern alternatives. Have a look at our tips on things that do what you want and expect them to do but without having a negative impact on the environment.

Health and skincare

Don't just make yourself beautiful when you can also make the world more beautiful and better with beauty products that have been ecologically produced, or made with eco-friendly ingredients

Family life

As parents, it can seem like you're in a period of your life where you need to always be buying new things. Find a more eco-friendly solution and get some inspiration in new ways of approaching family life. We'll also advice on good habits for your four-legged family members!

Home green home

Nobody can do it all, but everyone can do something - start small! By updating some of the products you use in the kitchen or your cleaning cupboard you can make a difference from within your home.

Greener outdoor life

What is greener than nature itself? Some people believe themselves to be a cog in a larger machine. Think more sustainably about your yard and try to contribute to promoting healthy plant and animal life.

Tips for smarter and more sustainable habits

Changes can feel strange at first, even if they're completely necessary, but it can swiftly have a snowball effect that ends up making a huge difference - and it all starts with you!

Holidays and special occasions

Traditions can mean a lot to people and some go back a long, long way. That said, important occasions shouldn't be destroyed by change, so try to inject elements of sustainability into your holidays and traditions.

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