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Cotton Trousers Nike Men's Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers - Black

Nike Men's Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers - Black


Trousers, Joggers, Solid Colour, Material: Polyester, Organic Fabric, Recycled Fabric, Cotton, Fleece, Pockets

JD Sports
in 9 stores

Three tips before buying trousers

All fabrics have different advantages. Some are cool, while others keep you warm. Here are some common fabrics:

  • Linen trousers are comfortable in the summer, as they’re a cool, natural material. They are also perfect for both everyday and party wear.

  • Viscose trousers are also a good choice on hot days, as viscose breathes. However, they can shrink in the wash. You can easily fix this by ironing or steaming them after washing.

  • Corduroy trousers are both durable and warm, which means they are best suited for autumn and winter. However, the fabric can stretch considerably, so don't choose a pair of trousers that are too big.

  • Cotton trousers are soft and cool. Feel free to look for GOTS and Ökotex labels, so you know that the cotton has been produced in a sustainable way.

Sizes may differ between different trouser models and brands. We therefore recommend that you measure yourself before ordering.

Take a tape measure and measure yourself from the crotch down to the ground. Also measure around the waist or hips, depending on whether the trousers have a low or high waist. Then compare the measurements with the size chart belonging to the brand you are buying the trousers from.

If you need extra-long legs, look for the tall label, while petite labels trousers with short legs.

The stores' trouser departments contain many different models. Long, short, high, and low – there’s something for everyone. Here are some common models:

  • Cropped trousers are shorter than usual. They are usually ankle-length, but can also end just below the knees. A kind of cropped cut is the culotte, which is often a wider three-quarter trouser. Capri is a slimmer version.

  • Slim is a slim fit, where the trousers fit snugly from the waist and down the legs.

  • Straight are trousers with straight legs, usually with a fitted waist. Unlike slim, the legs are not as tight.

  • Flare is the same as flared trousers, where the waist is slightly tighter and the bottom of the legs are wide.

  • Slacks is another name for suit trousers. They are available in a slightly more elegant style, as well as more everyday styles.

  • Jeans, Is there even need for explanations when it comes to jeans? Available in all fits, colours and styles, the perfect jeans for you are out there... And Here you will find washing instructions for jeans when you've found your match.