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Cotton Jeans Levi's 501 Original Fit Jeans - Marlon

Levi's 501 Original Fit Jeans - Marlon


Jeans, Solid Colour, Material: Cotton, Pockets

Slaters Menswear
in 8 stores

Three tips for buying jeans

Start by measuring yourself. Jeans sizes have two measurements, measured in inches: waist size and length. Size 28/32, for example, has a 28-inch waist and a length of 32.

To determine the correct length, measure the inside of your leg. We recommend that you measure a pair of trousers that you know fit well – this is easier than measuring your body. To get the waist measurement, measure yourself as high up on the waist as the jeans should fit.

If you are between two sizes, you should choose the smaller size, as this will allow your jeans to fit well. They stretch, so if they are a little loose at the waist already, they risk becoming too big. As a rule of thumb, they are not the right size until you have worn them ten to twenty times. Many jeans can also shrink in length when you wash them – usually up to a couple of centimetres, so don't buy jeans that are too short.

Think about which fit suits you:

  • Slim fit is a slim fit, where the jeans fit snugly. If you want them even tighter, choose skinny jeans – they’re often stretchy and fit like a second skin.

  • Regular fit is for those who want something in between tight and loose jeans. This is a straight model that fits snugly over the bottom and thighs, but is straighter in the legs.

  • Bootcut fits snugly over the thighs and is flared at the bottom. That’s why they’re suitable for those of you who want to wear jeans on the outside of your boots.

Found the perfect pair of jeans? Learn how to take proper care of your jeans to make them keepers for life.