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Yoga Shorts Nike Men's Challenger Dri-FIT Unlined Running Shorts 18cm - Black

Nike Men's Challenger Dri-FIT Unlined Running Shorts 18cm - Black

Shorts, Solid Colour, Material: Polyester, Pockets, Breathable, Stretch

Running  Point
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Three things to consider before buyings shorts

Which fabric to choose depends entirely on how you want the shorts to look and feel. Some fabrics are soft and thin, while others are heavier and warmer. Go for a cooling natural fabric, and you’ll have the perfect summer garment.

Examples of such fabrics are:

If you are working out in your shorts, it’s nice if they wick away moisture when you sweat. Cotton absorbs moisture and makes the fabric heavy, wet and, in the worst case, cold, which is an unpleasant distraction on the running track.

Go for polyester or nylon shorts to keep you dry, preferably with slits and a mesh weave that make your training shorts extra airy.

Here at Cleanipedia you can find care instructions keep your exercise garnmen fresh.

If you are going to do yoga in the shorts, it is good if they are tight, so they stay in place regardless of position.

Look for elastane, which makes the shorts stretchy, so they can fit snugly without restricting movement.