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T-shirts The North Face Simple Dome T-shirt - TNF Black

The North Face Simple Dome T-shirt - TNF Black

T-shirt, Material: Cotton

Alpine Trek
Ellis Brigham
in 15 stores

Three tips for buying a T-shirt

The fabric plays a major role, as different types have different properties. Here are some common fabrics:

  • Linen is a light, natural fabric that is ideal for summer, as it breathes and cools comfortably.

  • Cotton is soft and durable with good breathability. It may shrink a bit when you wash the top, so choose one that’s a bit too big rather than one that’s too tight. You can also choose a T-shirt that is pre-washed during production.

  • Polyester is a good choice for sportswear, as it dries quickly. The downside is that it can shed plastic microfibres when washed, which is bad for the environment.

  • Viscose (or rayon), lyocell, and modal are natural materials that consist of wood pulp that has been processed into textiles. Many summer clothes are made of these fabrics, because they breathe, are soft and comfortable, and absorb moisture. However, they may shrink, so you may need to stretch your clothes a little after washing them.

Many T-shirts are made from blended fabrics to make them both soft and durable, such as half cotton and half viscose. If you’re looking for a slightly stretchy T-shirt, look for one where cotton is combined with elastane.

To avoid getting the wrong size, we recommend that you measure yourself. Measure as follows to determine the size of your T-shirt and compare your measurements with the size chart:

  • around the widest part of your chest
  • around your waist (between the hip bone and the lowest rib)
  • around the widest part of your hips.

To get the right length, measure from your shoulder down to where you want the bottom edge of the T-shirt to be.

Check out the T-shirt’s gsm (grammes per square metre) to get a sense of how thick it is. The lower the gsm, the lighter the T-shirt. A guideline might be to aim for a maximum of 160 gsm if you want a light summer shirt. Here are some T-shirt fashion tips for both men and women.

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