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Ebba Tamm·

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Getting a cheap deal on Gas hobs

Gas hobs are the cooking method of choice for a wide range of homes. These stoves are connected to a gas line which is either connected to your neighbourhood’s main gas supply, or they’re connected to self-contained bottles of gas which have been specifically purchased for cooking.

These hobs are advantageous for offering instant heat at a price which is usually cheaper than electric models. When choosing a gas hob the first thing you should take into account is how much space you have, as this will determine what sort of size hob will be appropriate for your kitchen.

You should also decide what sort of lighting mechanism you want for your gas stove – while some models require a match to be used, others will have an automatic ‘spark’ button or will automatically light the gas when it’s switched on.

It’s also important to consider what sort of warranty will be best for your gas hob. Although these make the model slightly more expensive, they can be extremely cost-saving in the long run.