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Product properties
Power source

26 products

Worx Screwdrivers Worx 20V Drill Twin Pack: Hammer Drill &Amp; Impact Driver: Wx902

Worx 20V Drill Twin Pack: Hammer Drill &Amp; Impact Driver: Wx902

Screwdrivers, 20V

in 4 stores
Worx Screwdrivers Worx WRXWX291 (1x2.0Ah)

Worx WRXWX291 (1x2.0Ah)

Screwdrivers, 18V 1.04kg

in 3 stores
Worx Screwdrivers Worx WX255 SD Slide Driver 4V Screwdriver with Screw Holder

Worx WX255 SD Slide Driver 4V Screwdriver with Screw Holder


in 2 stores

Three tips before buying a powered screwdriver

  • Picture hanging – If you will only be using a screwdriver a few times a year, and only for simple things such as furniture assembly or hanging pictures, get a mini screwdriver. These are light, comfortable to use and so compact that you can get into nooks and crannies. They are often also cheaper than the more multi-faceted hammer drill screwdriver.

  • The DIY enthusiast – If you’re a little bit more handy and want a screwdriver that works for tougher jobs, a standard 18 volt machine is probably just right. These have a wide range of applications and are suitable for most jobs. Go for a hammer drill screwdriver if you want to replace the screwdriver bit with a drill bit from time to time.

  • Semi-professional – If you’re more than a DIY enthusiast and perhaps use power tools in your profession, it may be time to specialise. Several screwdrivers, such as impact, angle and drywall screwdrivers, are adapted to specific applications and can be worth the investment if you do a lot of such work.

Screwdrivers run either on a rechargeable battery or on the mains via a cable.

In most cases, battery power is preferable due to increased mobility it offers and the fact that the battery life is usually sufficient for the time it takes to do the job. If you choose a battery model, it's a good idea to go with the same manufacturer as the other battery-powered tools in your toolbox, as you can then share batteries between tools, provided they have the same voltage and it is supported by the manufacturer (which most are nowadays).

A good screwdriver should last a long time. So look for brands that offer generous warranties and access to spare parts. You can also look for old reviews to see how the screwdriver lasts over a longer period of time.

We've found a great beginners guide for how to use an electical screwdriver.

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