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ISM Saddle

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ISM Saddles Adamo Racing 2 Saddle Ti Alloy Rail 270g - White

ISM Saddles Adamo Racing 2 Saddle Ti Alloy Rail 270g - White

The Original ISM Saddle, still their top of the line performance saddle for triathletes and time trialers. All about performance! From the start gate to the finish line, you will slice through the competition. ISMs winning design allows for increased hip rotation, thus decreasing a rider’s aerodynamic drag and at the same opening the diaphragm for easier breathing. Features: Designed for aggressive riding in the 0* to 30* hip angle position (aero bars). This seat offers superb comfort in a normally uncomfortable position. The Adamo Racing is completely UCI compliant for time trialing. It even sports a nifty transition rack hook on the back for racking your bike. Uses light weight foam and gel pads with titanium alloy rails. 245mm long and 130mm wide.
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ISM Adamo Prologue Saddle

ISM Adamo Prologue Saddle

The Prologue builds on the success of the Podium and Breakaway. Our design team kept the longer length and narrower hamstring section to allow for more forward and rearward body movement. We also integrated the sloped front arms to cut down on superficial chaffing on the inner thigh. The biggest change is we added more foam and gel padding to soften the ride. Great for distance cycling and triathlon. Cr-mo rails. 270mm long and 135mm wide. Available in Black, White

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