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Vax Upright Vacuum Cleaners Vax CLSVB4KP


Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 80 dB

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No, and in that way, stick vacuums are a more environmentally friendly alternative than a vacuum which requires vacuum bags. Today, most models of stick vacuums are fitted with a container that traps the dirt and dust through a filter.

It depends. A stick vacuum with strong suction will suffice for cleaning most areas of your home. Traditional vacuums usually have a better suction system and are therefore a better alternative for cleaning rugs, carpets and upholstery properly. If your stick vacuum is battery powered, it also depends on how long the battery lasts since it needs to last long enough to clean your entire home.

Roughly in the same way as a regular vacuum, but it is wireless, and normally, no vacuum bags are required. Instead, the stick vacuum uses a container where dirt and debris are filtered through, which can easily be emptied. Both the dust container and the battery power are attached to the handle, which means you don’t have to drag the vacuum behind you while cleaning.

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