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Three things to consider before buying a pressure cooker

Pressure cookers come in different versions, so think about what you need. Some variants, for example, contain a steam basket, so you can steam vegetables or other ingredients.

It is important that the cooker is both easy to use and store. A pressure cooker with two handles is easier to carry, especially if you have a larger version that can easily get heavy. If the handles are removable, it will also be easier to fit the pressure cooker in a cupboard. Choosing one that is dishwasher safe saves time and effort.

Whichever version you choose, we would like to remind you to double-check that the pressure cooker works in your kitchen, for example if you have an Induction hob.

A lid with a lock increases safety, as you know that the lid is closed properly when you start the pressure cooker. Then it will not be possible to open it when the pressure gets too high. A pressure-adjusting valve keeps it at a certain level.

The size of pressure cookers varies; the smallest units usually have a capacity of about 2.5 litres, and the largest about 10 litres. Here are some general size guidelines:

4.5 litres is enough for two people. • 6 litres is enough for four people. • 10 litres is suitable for larger families.

Please note that you cannot fill the pressure cooker completely, so if you have one with a capacity of three litres, you can fill it up to two litres. The calculations above are based on one portion per person, so it may be a good idea to choose a slightly larger one if you want to cook more at the same time, such as when cooking ahead for the week.

Here you can find inspiring recipes if you are not yet convinced that a pressure cooker is right for you.

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