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Mascaras Benefit BADgal Bang Mascara Black

Benefit BADgal Bang Mascara Black



Mascaras Benefit They're Real Lengthening Beyond Mascara Black

Benefit They're Real Lengthening Beyond Mascara Black





To apply mascara to your eyelashes first, look up, place the wand at the base of your upper lashes, then wiggle it back and forth. Then pull the wand upwards covering the rest of your lashes, make sure you move slowly to avoid clumping. Because your bottom lashes are very delicate, it’s important to be extra careful when applying mascara to them.

A tip is to use the tip of the wand and only apply mascara to the root of your bottom lashes.

The most common colours to pick from are brown and black. Which one you buy, depends on what you want. If you’re looking for more of a statement and drama – black is your colour, or why not try a fun colour like blue or green?

Brown mascara gives a bit more of a natural look, especially for people with light hair and fair skin. If you have blue or green eyes a brown mascara is great because it’s almost on the opposite side of the colour wheel making them pop!

Mascara wands come with all types of brushes that create a different look for your eyelashes. Depending on the result you’re looking for, different mascara brushes will be right for you. The most common ones are:

  • Oversized: Adds maximum volumes, making your lashes look fuller.
  • Thin: Adds length to your lashes, while keeping a more natural look.
  • Curved: Adds both volume and length, its curve allows it to reach the lashes even in the corner of your eye.
  • Flat comb: This brush separates your lashes thoroughly, helping you avoid lumps at all costs!
  • Rubber brushes: Adds length, and in some cases lasts longer as the mascara doesn’t get as easily caked up in between the bristles.

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