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  1. Acne - Face Products price comparison

Acne - Face Products price comparison

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Luckyfine Blackhead Removal Peel-off Black Facial Mask Pore Cleaner Purifying Acne Treatment

Luckyfine Blackhead Removal Peel-off Black Facial Mask Pore Cleaner Purifying Acne Treatment

Features: 1. Oil-control, anti-aging, acne treatment, pore cleaner. 2. Cleaning out of dirt and cuticle. 3. Helps to remove stain or oil spots and to keep your face smoother and tender. Description: Item Type: Blackhead Remover Face Mask Brand: Luckyfine Length: App 12.5cm Width: App 5.5cm Diameter: App 3cm Capacity: 60g Efficacy: Removes blackheads and acne, oil control. Suitable for: All skin types Shelf life: 3 years Package Included: 1 X Blackhead Remover Face Mask How to use: Step 1: Wash your face with warm water to open the pores. If you have face steamer (Product ID: 1003049) don't hesitate to use it. Step 2: Using blackhead educe liquid. Step 3: Using blackhead peel-off mask. Please peel it off from chin to forehead. Step 4: Using Ice Roller (Product ID: 1071796) to cool your skin and reduce the uncomfortable feeling. Step 5: Using facial mask to shrink pore. Note: 1. Due to the strong absorbability and cleansing, it is normal that you might feel a bit of pain when peel it off.) 2. Due to different skin types of people, the effect varies from person to person. You can adjust the using quantity and using area according to your need. 3. Suggest no more than twice a week. 4. Due to the different characteristics of each person's skin, so the applicability of different skin care products, that if there is discomfort or abnormal reaction, please recommended suspended. 5. Due to different producing batches, product packaging might be a little different. But the effect is the same. 6. Please test on hands or at the back of ears to confirm there is no allergic reaction.


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Alba Botanica Papaya Anti-Acne Sheet Mask

Alba Botanica Papaya Anti-Acne Sheet Mask

When the acne demons strike, it's time for a fast fix anti-acne sheet mask. The zit-zapping trio of papaya, lemon balm and salicylic acid penetrate pores to give pimples their proper punishment. Each individually-wrapped, serum-soaked mask contours to your face to deliver concentrated doses of active botanical ingredients. Fear not: sometimes it tingles while it works. That's a good thing. Mask is made from natural, sustainably-sourced fiber. hypo-allergenic made with natural, sustainably-sourced fibre contours to your face How to use: (1) Clean and dry face. (2) Carefully unfold mask and apply to face, adjusting around eyes, nose and mouth and smoothing over curves. (3) Leave on for 5-15 minutes. (4) Remove and discard mask. (5) Gently massage remaining serum into skin. No rinsing

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