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Digital Cameras

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Getting a cheap deal on a Nikon digital camera

Nikon offers a good range of digital cameras, and these are extremely useful and practical. They don’t require expensive film or developing time, they’re quick to use and they’re easy to upload and share your pictures to friends and family with an internet connection.

Budget models have become popular choices for people who only need a camera for their personal use, rather than for professional purposes. These models can be extremely cheap, with some excellent products costing £50 or less.

It’s important to consider how many megapixels you’ll be getting. While more megapixels are obviously great for higher resolution pictures, you’re unlikely to need more than 6-10 for most practical purposes.

Think about whether you’ll want to record video with your camera. This can make it slightly more expensive, and often any recorded video will take up file space which could otherwise be dedicated to storing images.

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