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Cheap Microwave Ovens Beko MOC20100BFB Black

Beko MOC20100BFB Black

Countertop Microwave, 20 Litre, 1200W, Width: 45.2cm

Cheap Microwave Ovens Panasonic NN-E27JWMBPQ White

Panasonic NN-E27JWMBPQ White

Countertop Microwave, 20 Litre, 800W, Small size, Width: 44.3cm





There are many different types of microwave ovens on the market, with variants offering hot air, grilling or baking functions. Some of them have automatic functions, which is convenient if you’ve got other things to do while the food is being cooked. Most microwave ovens are 40-45 cm deep, but there are also ovens 30 cm deep that take up less space in the kitchen.

The microwaves cause the molecules in the food, mainly water molecules but also fats, to start moving. That kinetic energy is then converted into heat, which causes the food to be cooked. The greater the amount of water in the food, the faster it cooks, because more water molecules are moving around.

No, it’s not dangerous to use a microwave oven as long as it’s not broken. The microwaves consist of short radio waves and the small amount of microwaves that leak out is so negligible that there are no risks associated with them. When you open the microwave door, the microwaves stop. Nor are microwaves left in your food after heating, for example.