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CS 900 Cymbal Set Universal Color Sound Purple

CS 900 Cymbal Set Universal Color Sound Purple

Complete set of cymbals with Purple finish The Paiste CS 900 Universal Cymbal Set Color Sound Series Purple is part of the new colored cymbal range from Paiste. The Color Sound 900 Series contains cymbals crafted from 2002 Bronze (CuSn8) that deliver a combination of warmth, fullness and focus, thanks to hand hammered and hand lathed craftsmanship by master cymbalsmiths from Switzerland.The Color Sound 900 Series provides an advanced sound at an affordable price. These cymbals produce a warm, full and focused sound with muted brilliance. Drummers will appreciate a flexible and giving feel when playing. A luminous, colored finish adorns each cymbal, thereby enhancing hammer marks and grooves to reflect a vibrant and radiant appearance.This translucent finish is extremely tough and durable, making it highly resistant to cracks, chips and peeling. The colour coating causes the sound to be slightly drier, sustain to shorten and attack to be more focused (in comparison to the standard 900 Series).The Color Sound 900 Hi-Hat is a pair of articulate, controllable cymbals, suitable for a wide range of musical applications. These medium bright cymbals feature a warm, clear chick sound and compact stick sound, with a fairly wide range and clean mix.The Color Sound 900 Crash is a medium bright cymbal with a full, round crash sound and enough punch for universal application. This full-bodied cymbal offers warm undertones with a balanced, responsive feel, medium wide range and complex mix.The Color Sound 900 Ride is a multi-purpose cymbal suitable for a wide range of musical styles. Featuring a medium bright, full-bodied sound with warm undertones, this cymbal offers a wide range and clean mix with a clear ping over an even, warm wash.The main features of the Paiste CS 900 Universal Cymbal Set Color Sound Series Purple include:Components: 14” Hi-Hats, 16” Crash, 20” RideMaterial: CuSn8 Bronze (2002 Bronze)Hammering: HandWeight: Medium (Crash); Medium Top, Heavy Bottom (H...

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