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Nike Air Max Golf Shoes Nike Air Max 1 '86 OG G M - White/Black

Nike Air Max 1 '86 OG G M - White/Black

Golf Shoe, Man

Clubhouse Golf
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Three things to consider before buying golf shoes

Most golf shoes are made of synthetic material or leather. Like most things made of leather, the leather moulds to your feet, providing a high level of comfort. At the same time, it also means that the shoes need more maintenance to stay soft.

A synthetic shoe is often lighter, more durable, and does not attract water in the same way as a leather shoe. However, the shoes do not mould to your foot in the same way as a pair of leather shoes. You should therefore consider what is important to you when it comes to the material.

You can buy golf shoes that cost anything from £25 to models that will cost you several hundreds of pounds. Depending on how many rounds of golf you play in a season, it may be worth spending more or less money on your shoes.

In general, it is good to remember that the shoes should be comfortable to walk in for several hours. So if you see golf as part of your everyday life, we recommend putting down a few extra pounds on your shoes. You usually get this back in the form of comfort and support.

Read more tips on what to consider before buying golf shoes.

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