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Deodorants on sale Christian Dior Sauvage Deo Spray 150ml

Christian Dior Sauvage Deo Spray 150ml




Three things to consider when buying deodorant

We all sweat differently. For those who sweat only a little, you may not need more than a perfumed deodorant to conceal any sweat odours in the afternoon. For those of us who sweat more, an antiperspirant is the way to go. An antiperspirant reduces how much you actually sweat. This is done with the help of aluminium salts, which both reduce sweat production and are antibacterial. It's the bacteria that makes sweat smell. Sweat itself is actually odourless.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of sweat smell in clothes.

If you think that deodorants and antiperspirants make your armpits itchy, the likely culprit of this is the perfume in the product. Try replacing the deodorant you use with a perfume-free one. Even the alcohol in deodorants can make sensitive skin itch, so if a fragrance-free deodorant makes no difference – then try one without alcohol.

Cream, roll-on, crystals, spray – there are many different kinds of deodorants to choose from.

  • Roll-on is the most common type of deodorant. A liquid that is rolled into the armpit using the packaging, which is equipped with a large ball that sluices up and spreads the product.
  • Cream deodorant resembles a thicker skin cream. These are available in tube form, where a small amount is squeezed out and applied. They are also available as deodorant sticks.
  • Deodorant sticks usually consist of a firmer type of cream applied to the armpit.
  • Gel deodorant is popular in the USA. It takes a little longer to dry.
  • Crystal deodorant is a solid salt deodorant that is first soaked in water and then rubbed into the armpit for just over ten seconds.