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L'Oréal Paris Deodorants L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Thermic Resist 48H Anti-Perspirant Deo Spray 250ml

L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Thermic Resist 48H Anti-Perspirant Deo Spray 250ml

Deodorant, Antiperspirant, Scented

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3 things to consider when shopping for a deodorant

We all have unique ways of sweating. If you're one of the lucky ones who sweat only a little, a perfumed deodorant may suffice to keep your afternoon sweat odours at bay. But if you sweat more, an antiperspirant is your go-to solution. Antiperspirants work by reducing how much you sweat. This is done with the help of antibacterial aluminium salts that reduce sweat production. As a result, the sweat smell is neutralized. The bacteria cause the odour, not the sweat itself, which is actually odourless.

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Do you suffer from itchy armpits after using deodorant or antiperspirant? The likely culprit is the perfume in the product. If you're looking for a solution, try replacing your current deodorant with a perfume-free option.

Alcohol in deodorants can also be a trigger for sensitive skin. So you might want to opt for an alcohol-free option if fragrance-free doesn't work.

Cream, roll-on, crystals, spray – there are many different options to choose from:

  • Roll-on is the classic option. It comes in liquid form, and you apply it to the armpit using packaging with a ball to spread the product.
  • Cream deodorant is thicker and can come in a tube or stick form. It's great for those who prefer a more hydrating option.
  • Deodorant sticks are similar to cream deodorants but are slightly firmer in texture. They provide excellent coverage and are easy to apply.
  • Gel deodorant can take a little longer to dry, but it provides excellent protection against sweat.
  • Crystal deodorant is a solid salt deodorant that's first soaked in water and then rubbed into the armpit for just over 10 seconds.
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