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Hozelock Sprinkler Pistols Hozelock Multi Spray 2676

Hozelock Multi Spray 2676

Sprinkler Pistol, Height 20.5 cm, Width 21 cm, Length 2.05 cm, Spray Patterns: 5


Three things to consider before purchasing a spray gun

It all depends of course on how you intend to use your sprayer, but the more spray modes it offers, the better. You may have new requirements in the future, and a spray mode you had never thought you would use may prove useful after all.

Will you be using the spray gun for long periods? If so, it may make sense to choose a spray gun with a lock position. You won't have to hold the trigger all the time. Instead, it can be locked in position, like a petrol pump.

If you intend to use the spray gun for watering plants, it's particularly important that it has variable control. Different plants require different levels of watering. Some spray guns come with fixed positions, but it's of course better if you have infinitely variable regulation so that the water pressure can easily be adjusted depending on whether you are filling a jug with a hard jet or watering fragile flowers.

Water is a precious resource and learning how to take care of your garden with as little water waste as possible is important.


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