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High Street TV Paint Runner Pro

High Street TV Paint Runner Pro

The Paint Runner Pro allows you to redecorate without having to cover all your furniture and carpets. The drip-free paint roller is self-contained, so you can rest assured that you will not get any nasty paint splatters on your flooring or upholstery. Simply open the Paint Runner Pro roller and fill it with up to 900ml of paint. All the paint is contained in the patented roller so there's no constant dipping in a roller tray, saving you time. You won't leave paint in the bottom of the tray or splattered all over the floor! With the included pole adaptor you can use virtually any broom handle to paint ceilings in a flash. You control how thick each coat is by how hard you press so you could be done with one coat. Paint Runner Pro's patented microfibre roller is perfect for virtually any surface. Delicate wood, render, wallpaper, textured rubber mats and even porous concrete can all be covered in one coat with the Paint Runner Pro and clean-up is as easy as rinsing under a tap. The flocked edger means you can paint right up against light switches, window sills, skirting boards and plug sockets without any need for masking tape. The corner cutter lets you can paint right into those difficult corners without any uneven and unsightly brush strokes. Take all of your decorating plans off hold and paint a wall in 5 minutes or an entire room in 20 minutes - all with no mess and no fuss! Specifications Colour: Blue/Black Dimensions: H16 x W21 x D27cm Guarantee: 1 Year
£23.95incl. shipping
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X-Factor Karaoke Wireless Microphone & Bluetooth Speaker

X-Factor Karaoke Wireless Microphone & Bluetooth Speaker

Let out your inner X-Factor winner and sing along to your favourite tunes with the X-Factor Mi Mic. Do you have the X-Factor? The X Factor Mi-Mic Bluetooth karaoke speaker lets you to sing along to any song direct from your device. Whether you're practicing for your audition or simply want to sing your heart out, the X-Factor Mi-Mic puts the power in your hands. Pair your device, put on your favourite tune and you're ready to rock and roll. The Mi-Mic features 48 vibrant red LED lights with 3 different light modes. Including 'always on', flashing to the music and pulsing in time with the beat of the music; the X Factor Mi-Mic lets you really put on a show. It also includes an echo function as well as the brilliant voice changing effects which lets you transform how you sound. There are also FF/RW/Pause/Play buttons and volume controls so you can make the track as loud or quiet as required. Turn up to full volume to use as a conventional Bluetooth speaker or lower the volume and let your best Adele impression take centre stage. Features and Benefits Bluetooth connectivity - Play and sing along to your favourite songs by connecting to your Bluetooth device. Put on a light show - 48 red coloured LEDs but with 3 different light modes to really showcase your performance. Rechargeable - Up to 5 hours play time with the built in Echo function and Voice changing function. Specifications Official X Factor Karaoke Microphone Speaker 10 meter bluetooth range Frequency: 20Hz--20KHz Up to 5 hours play time from one charge Volume controls Echo and Voice changing functions 48 vibrant red coloured LEDs with 3 different light modes Built in high capacity Lithium-ion rechargeable battery - 2200mAh Dimensions: H25.6cm x W7.8cm x D7.8cm Contents: 1 x Bluetooth Microphone, 1 x Manual, 1 x Charging Cable
£19.95incl. shipping
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