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Dry air is not good for your health. The British winters are long, and as it gets cold, the air gets very dry. The human body feels best when the humidity is between 40 and 50 percent. Around 45 percent humidity counteracts the spread of both dust and vira, and conditions like mucous membranes and itchy eyes decrease - as opposed to higher humidity around 55 percent where bacteria population will start growing faster. Even higher humidity opens up for mould. A humidifier makes sure the air has the perfect humidity for good health and better sleep.

Basically, the humidifier emits a stream that is absorbed by the air. Just fill it with water and let it work its magic. Several technologies can be used to create the stream, but the most common one is the ultrasonic technique. As the name suggests, this type of humidifier is equipped with a plate that vibrates at a very high frequency, which also means that it’s relatively quiet.

You just fill it with water and then you’re good to go. Some humidifiers come with scent diffusers where you drop oil on a scent sponge that will make the scent spread with the stream. You should make sure to clean your humidifier regularly, or it might have the opposite effect and start spreading bacteria.