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Emporio Armani Eau de Toilette Emporio Armani He EdT 100ml

Emporio Armani He EdT 100ml

Eau De Toilette, Man



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3 tips when shopping for eau de toilette

When purchasing eau de toilette online, pay attention to the fragrance notes and read reviews from other customers. It's a good idea to purchase a small sample size first to test the fragrance before going for a larger bottle. And always check the return policy in case the fragrance doesn't meet your expectations.

Yes, those little bottles serve a purpose. They let you test how the scent develops on your body over a more extended period. If you prefer to try out a fragrance in the comfort of your own home, you can easily order small samples online at a low cost. So go for a sample before committing to a full bottle of fragrance.

Fragrances come in different families, and we all have our favourites. Here are a few examples:

  • Citrus – if you're into sporty scents, you'll probably love this family. Think fresh and zesty, perfect for summer days.

  • Leather – this family tends to be more masculine, with rich and warm notes. It's a heavier scent that's perfect for winter.

  • Sweet – for those who love a sweet fragrance, look for scents with hints of vanilla and pralines.

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