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DeLonghi Kettles DeLonghi KBJ3001

DeLonghi KBJ3001

1.7L, 3000 W, Tea Maker, Water Meter, Calc Filter, Cordless, Automatic Shut-Off, 360° Contact Plate, Indicator Light, Boil Dry Protection



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Three tips when buying a kettle

If you live alone and seldom entertain a lot of guests at the same time, a small kettle may be all you need.

The price of a large kettle may be worth paying for the satisfaction of serving tea to all your guests without needing to constantly refill the kettle.

How rapidly you can boil water differs quite drastically from kettle to kettle. The power is a good indication of the boiling speed – around 2,000 watts should be enough to meet your everyday needs.

  • Timer/Automatic switch-off. Virtually all modern kettles have thermostats that switch them off automatically once the water has reached boiling point. This is definitely a feature you want for your own peace of mind, especially when you’re rushing around in the morning.
  • Temperature control. Some types of tea, e.g. green and white tea, should be brewed at slightly lower temperatures. A kettle with an adjustable temperature ensures that the water doesn’t get too hot.
  • Keep-warm function. Some kettles can keep the water warm for you at the selected temperature, typically for about half an hour.
  • Water gauge. The vast majority of us probably fill up our kettles mostly by guesswork. But if you need to know exactly how much water you’re boiling, you’ll benefit from a kettle with a built-in water gauge. Some models have a gauge on the outside, while others have a gauge on the inside.

Heard about people who actually cook proper meals with only a kettle, and want to give it a go? You can read about it here and maybe find some inspiration.

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